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 AmeriFUN -  Est. 1997 

Our Specialties Are:
Casino Nights / Casino Parties
TV-style Game Shows  
Decoration & Prop Fabrication

The Best Game in Town!Roulette_10-foot_Amerifun_2015_Boathouse.png (1301528 bytes)




"One of the best parties we ever had"
- Slawson Companies, December 2014

"We will be booking again.."
- CASA of SG County
, April 2014

"Way better than the other company"
- Wichita Collegiate
, April 2014

"By far the best"
- Hotel Old Town
, January 2013

"So much more helpful"
- McPherson College
, January 2013

"We had a wonderful time"
- Wichita Surgical Specialists
, Dec 2013

>>>Hello!  We are in the process of updating and completely re-building all our sites on a different platform.  Pls excuse any outdated info you find here, thanks!
Most current casino rentals sites:  www.procasinorentals.com | www.casinorentals.info (lowest cost games).

Exclusive Benefits:

Massive 10' Roulette w/ 32" Casino Wheel     Colossal 14' Craps     Mammoth 8' Poker
All standard casino games and many more to choose.

Real Chips, Real Layouts, Games with Flair.  We strive to bring you high-quality and good-looking equipment.

Cashier Cages, Casino Sign, Red Carpet & Stanchions, Trees w/ Lighting, Metallic Wall Dressings, Faux Chandeliers

#1 Form of Corporate Entertainment!

Offering strategic recommendations, turnkey rentals, expert placement, fast set-up & tear-down and event-seasoned staff.

  Request a Proposal - Only Amerifun delivers a detailed quote with images and line by line costs.  We also will recommend the proper sized games for your sized group.  We will create a custom proposal based on your requests and guest total, that will yield the ideal number of player gaming spots.  Experience first-hand why Amerifun is your BEST BET for casino night games & rentals.

...And Even More Benefits

>Free Play Money
>Funds Distribution
>Plentiful Chip Inventory
>Fun Rules
>Prize Aides
>Funds Redemption
>Prize Facilitation
Quality & Creativity in
every game

Mobile Entertainment Specialists

Gaming Tables & Poker Rentals

casino_party_games_entertainment_wichita_KS_amerifun_Hotel_Old_Town_ps.png (532582 bytes)

Delivering plentiful pro equipment with styled, well-organized casino party entertainment.

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Casino Parties
Game Shows
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Other Entertainment
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Holidays and Notable Dates

Cheap Blackjacks!
Now anyone can host a casino night.
SPECIAL $169 w/ shipping

6'X3' with folding legs
Cheap_Blackjack_Table_Wichita_Casino_Party_Supplies_Amerifun_ps.png (608007 bytes)
Premium Poker
Table Top
MSRP $99.  Elsewhere for $69..
SPECIAL $55 w/ case
19 lbs..  Suited Cloth
Open: 31.5" x 63" x .625".
Closed: 15.75" x 32" x 3".
Coffee_Table-Poker-Table-Top-Premium-Suited-Cloth-Amerifun-ps.png (906166 bytes)

Slot Machine Bank
Replica Slot Machine Bank.
With Sounds.
MSRP $259 SPECIAL $199.
Manual Coin Release.
Slot_Bank_TC_PS.png (879095 bytes)
9" x 14" x 24.5" TALL.


Custom Made

Custom Projects and Themes.

Event Design & Decorating.

Xmas_Theme_Scholfield_PS.png (3627293 bytes)

Theme Design Info.

mini-golf-under-construction-custom-mini-golf-ps.png (368506 bytes)

mini-golf-wichita-custom-mini-golf-hole1-ps.png (644495 bytes)


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Our fabulous 'Event Toolbox' offers Event Services and Guests Services to
Polish Your Event to a Shine!

Many services that we provide already include extra tools or we will recommend the appropriate add-ons for your specific package.  This page best used as a source for supplementary services in addition to any already included with your package.  

Audio/ Visual
Truss Configurations    Computers    Stages    Sound Systems    Projectors    Live Video    Lighting    Visual Effects


Coat Check    Concierge    Costumes

Custom Printing    Delivery Services    Horse Drawn Carriage    Host    Janitorial    Limousine Rentals

Party Bus    Photography    Prize Services    Promotional Products    Product Promotion    Red Carpet, Ropes & Stanchions    Valet Parking

Web Design

Also see Party Rentals

Audio/ Visual.

In much of our entertainment or themes we use Sound Systems, Projectors, Live Video and Lighting Effects in addition to decoration aspects to achieve the perfect atmosphere.  For additional AV needs, in addition to any already provided, we have a large selection available to suit your particular needs!

We will contract with only the finest AV Experts, experienced Roadies and event-tested companies to complete your desired production.

Truss Configurations:
Trusses (example from one our our suppliers pictured above) are the familiar 3 or 4 legged girders often used to support DJ lights or promotional items.  We have a variety of truss configurations available from a single 'goal post' to large booths and furniture.  Trusses are also the perfect solution to suspend or support anything you want visible above ground level-especially heavy items.  If you require the ability to hang large items and your venue does not have a means to hang it from the ceiling then we will most-likely recommend a truss system.  For example, a truss system could be set over a stage and be used to hang large decorations or props.


Whether you need one Laptop for a presentation, Multiple Computers networked together to manage a large event or Wireless Capabilities on the go:  Look to Amerifun!  We can also incorporate your audio or video - just let us know what you want to achieve!  We have the perfect vendor for this one- and his side business is a DJ- so he knows event modus operandi!



DJ_w_Staging.png (788119 bytes) We have (40) 4'X8' Skid platform Steel or Wooden Staging sections available.  Black fabric skirting also available.  A Must-Have for: VIP Tables, Showcase Prize Tables & Giveaways, Announcements or DJ Platform.


Sound Systems:
We offer (3) different types of Sound Systems: Table, Hall or Stage.

Our (small) 'Table Sound System' consists of a small amplifier and corded microphone.  Perfect for microphone requirements within a larger area or room and is ideal for a specific activity's own announcements.  Many of our activities come with their own sound.

These amplifiers will clearly carry to approx. 25-30 guests within a range of about a 20'X20' area - outside that range becomes difficult to hear and a larger system may be needed for certain applications.

$25 5 Hour Rental + Applicable Delivery.

Sound_System_Rack_AMM.png (431005 bytes) Sound_System_Monitors_AMM.png (982255 bytes)

Our (medium) 'Hall Sound Systems' come complete with everything you need to play music and make announcements across a large hall or venue with up to 1000 people:

  • (2) 15" Horned Monitors

  • (2) CD Players

  • 450 W Amplifier

  • Mixer

  • Cordless Microphone

A perfect addition to events that desire Microphone Capabilities or Background Music.  Features the ability to easily fade music out for announcements.

$150 5 Hour Rental + Applicable Delivery.

Need a (large) Stage or Tour Sound System for an outdoor or arena event?  No matter how big your event is, we will provide with expert sound technicians to ensure the proper equipment needed for your event.


High Resolution Projectors:

We utilize Projectors in many forms of entertainment. If you need a projector for a presentation- look no further than Amerifun!

We offer Projector Rental that includes an 8'X6' Rear-projection Screen (to obscure the equipment).  Please specify if you would like a front-projection screen instead.  Optional Laptop is available with Power Point or as output for a video presentation or visual effects.


Live Video:

We work with talented, experienced videographers that use the high-tech equipment that will meet the challenge of your video production.

Live Video can be used (3) different ways:

As a Stationary Live Feed, in conjunction with a projector and screen, as spectator view.

As a Stationary Live Capture, in conjunction with a projector, screen and computer for a spectator view that includes a DVD.

Moving Live Capture with Videographer.  Create you own Video Memory on DVD.  Available for Commercials, Corporate Videos, Newsworthy Events, Special Promotions, Sporting Events, Weather, Weddings other Freelance Services.

Available with or without sound system.    



Lighting makes just about anything better - they even came out with Lighted Ice Cubes!  Our Casino Games include Chasing Lights and many of our Decorations include lighting effects as well.  Standard Dance Lighting is available with our DJ Shows but additional lighting can be provided from the DJ.

Even if you have a DJ or not, you may still need additional lighting.  Strategic Lighting or Lighting Effects can be added to any piece of your theme! Count on Amerifun to recommend the right lighting for the right event!  Some Lighting Effects available:

  • White or Colored Spotlights, Pin Spots and Stage Lights

  • Follow Spots

  • Search Lights

  • Mechanical Dance Lights

  • Light Projections (Shapes/Gobos)

  • Lighting Layers

  • Laser Lights

  • Strobe Lights

  • Black Lights

  • Neon Lights

  • Rope Lights

  • Accent Twinkle Lights

Also visit our Theme Design Page for more ideas on decorationing with lighting.  be sure to visit the 'Premium Decorations' page.


Follow Slot Triple Allstate


Visual Effects:

Other Visual Effects in addition to lighting can include:

  • Fog

  • Bubbles

  • Confetti

  • Balloon Drops 

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Coat Check Services.

"What a helpful service". Time and time again we have seen guests either carrying their coat around, having to find a place for it, or worst of all misplacing it!

We provide: Ample Coat Racks to accommodate your number of guests and Triplicate Coat Check Tickets and Lamp.  Crowd Control such as Pipe and Drape, Velvet Rope with Chrome Stanchions and Tents also available.

$1 per person ($75 Minimum). Includes 1 staff member per 50 guests up to TWO staff members.  Each additional staff member required $50 (per 50 guests after 100).  Triplicate Tickets included.  Up to 5 hrs.  Tables, chairs, linens etc. optional.

Coat check Available Services:
  >Coat Rack 6'.  One per 30 Coats* required at $35 per rack.  Includes Hangers.  *
Not all guests will check a coat but if it is cold out
     you should expect around 75% of your guests to check a coat or hat.  Example: If you have a party for 150 guests we would recommend 4 racks. 

  >8' Banquet Tables $10 each.
  >Linens: Choose From 10' Banquet Cloth $10.  Skirting w/ Clips $22.  Floor Length Cloth $25.
  >Chrome Stanchions $30 ea..  Velvet Rope w/ chrome ends $20 per 7' piece.
  >Pipe and Drape.  Please call for quote.
  >Also consider a Podium with Lamp (with "COATS" sign on the front") placed at the corner point of two or more banquet tables $50.
     Another option could be a Table-top Podium in the center of a banquet table $30.

Delivery from $50.

Please also ask about a variety of Drink, Food or Admission Tickets and Wristband.

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Concierge/ Chauffeur/ Personal Assistant.

Do you require a fresh cigar every hour and someone to light it for you?  Then this is the service for you.  

Our observant, accommodating Assistants provide a higher level of Tailored Personal Service.  We will assign you a formally dressed Personal Assistant that will be standing by at your disposal all evening. With the snap of your fingers or the ringing of the bell, your personal assistant awaits your beckoning call.

Has your waiter forgot you? Give us the signal and we will have your order back to you before your server even comes back around!  Had too much to drink and all of a sudden realized that you are one of the last to leave? No bother- we will escort you to your vehicle, buckle you in, drive you home in your car, park your car and make sure that you get inside your front door.

Executive Transportation also available.

From $150 per hour per Assistant.

For a more economical service please see our Host.

For more of an all-around group service please see our Master of Ceremonies.

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Costumes - Rent or Purchase.

Your costume needs can be from simple to very diverse.  Count on Amerifun to offer the best cost-effective solutions to your costume needs, whether it be for rentals, costumes to purchase or staff in costume.

Costumes for Rent:
We do not rent costumes directly but can arrange for delivery and onsite temporary dressing rooms (or ask for the Hollywood Package), just let us know how many guests that you would like to accommodate.

As an optional added convenience, if your needs are urgent and your schedule is full, we can visit the costume company for you and snap photos and email them right to you.

Here is a list of some local companies offering costume rentals:

Central Plains Novelty - 905 W. Douglas  - (316) 267-1251
Crown Uptown Costume Shop - 3211 E. Douglas - (316) 652-9769
Kay's This N' That - 4730 W. Second - (316) 943-9451
Klassic Line Vintage Clothing - 923 W. Douglas - (316) 263-7662
Party City - 3411 N. Rock Rd., 6866 W. Kellogg Dr. - (316) 636-5005, 942-5544
Tena Kay's Wig Salon - 1955 S. Seneca - (316) 264-3492

Costumes for Purchase:
Before you purchase costumes or party supplies from a local party store, check with Amerifun!  We have literally thousands of different Hats, Costumes, Jewelry Items, Party Favors and Decorating Items (depending on your theme) at great prices!  Small or large quantities available delivered to you in advance or at the event.

Staff in Costume:
Look to us to get into character!  Depending on your needs, we can provide staff members in costume tailored to the theme of your event.  Just let us know what you would like to see.

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Custom Printing Services.

This can be a test of your patience.  You have to Design your project,  Deliver it to a printing company (after you find one!),  Find a Parking Space,  Wait in Line,  Make Another Trip back later to Pick it Up, and hope it comes out right!  These tasks are most certainly added to your already long list of 'things to do today'!

Do not panic! Amerifun makes it easy!


Impressive Promotional Flyer:
A promotional flyer is a good way to advertise your event by mail, fax or for a display at your business.  We will:
    Create and design an exciting 8"X10" flyer for your event (color original).
    Make Changes as necessary to meet your approval.
    Deliver your flyer to you WITH (200) black & white copies in your choice of colored paper.

$100 Designed and Delivered.


Impressive Mini Poster:
Same service as above minus the copies.  We will:
Enlarge your color flyer to 11"X17".
Laminate your flyer.
Mount it to foam board.

A VERY nice display - $100 Designed and Delivered.


A program will let guests know the agenda for the evening.  After we finalize the details of your party plan we will:
Create and design an informative 8-1/2"X5-1/2" bi-fold or 8-1/2"X3-1/2" tri-fold black & white program to distribute beforehand or at the door of your event (color original).
Make changes as necessary to meet your approval.
Deliver 100 qty. Folded Programs to you in your choice of paper.

$100 per 100 qty. with up to 2-page stapled, bi-fold or tri-fold with one 8-1/2"X3-1/2" insert.  Color add $0.50c per page.


Invitations can be sent out beforehand and are normally more formal than a program.  We will:
Create and design a 5-1/2"X4-1/4" color, fancy french-fold invitation.
Make changes as necessary to meet your approval.
Deliver 100 qty. folded invitations on your choice of thick stock paper in a variety of textures and patterns, includes invitation envelopes.

$200 per 100 qty..


Custom Fun Money:

Many clients have Charity Fundraisers and require customized 'funny money'.  Make your Fundraiser a "FUN-Raiser" with personalized custom 'Funny Money' from Amerifun.  We will:

Create a color design for your approval and deliver it to you for your approval.  $100.

We then can offer Black & White Artwork on Colored Paper for $.25c per page and
Color Artwork on White Paper for $1 per page - Cut, Bundled and Delivered.

Note: There are four bills on a page.  For example: If there are 100 guests- and they receive $5000 each initially- then you would need Five-hundred $1000's-which would be 125 pages of $1000 bills.  You can also print different bills on a single page but you have to print more pages.

If you are coordinating an auction or gift shop at the end of the evening, then you are going to need LOTS MORE money.  The number of guests, number of prizes and prize method will determine how much more money that you need.  Your average bank should contain a minimum of several minimum in fun money.  Please contact us for additional guidelines.


MONEY_Design_FIFTIES_Web_Sample.png (500657 bytes)


Take a look at our New Stock Fun Money (Jan. 2007).

It is the same size as actual cash so it has a familiar feel!

Available in denominations up to $25,000 to allow you the flexibility of high-dollar auctions or gift shops for any size group.

With Amerifun, you will always receive adequate fun money in the appropriate denominations.  Standard '$50's' also available by request (we typically use $100 as the lowest denomination of fun money).


Custom Tickets:
Do you have a large prize at the end of the evening?  Or maybe separate drawings throughout the evening, or a Silent Auction?  You can personalize your prize facilitation with custom tickets.  We will:
Create and design a 2-1/2" X 4-1/2" ticket.
Make changes as necessary for your approval.
Deliver 200 qty. tickets, cut and bundled, to you on your choice of colored paper.

$50 per 200 qty.

Note:   We provide common everyday Tickets on a roll for every event at no charge as well as other Prize Tools and
Prize Methods.

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Delivery Services.

There is always a pick up or a drop off "here or there". Let Amerifun eliminate those little errands that can really add up!

Are you providing your own Host Bar? Let us pick up and deliver your beverages to your facility.  We can also pick-up prizes and deliver them to your venue.  Also see Prize Services.

Do you need a last minute invitation delivered across town? We can help. Also check out Costume Characters for a truly unique personalized communication.

Is there a group that you need picked up from the Airport? We offer Licensed CDL Passenger Endorsed Drivers to shuttle your guests to their final destination. We will coordinate Limousine Service, Sedan Service, Van Service or Taxi Service.

From $25 to and from.

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Horse Drawn Carriage.

How about an old fashioned stroll through the city? Whether you want to see the Christmas Lights, need a ride back to your car or want to take a romantic ride around the block we can provide a fleet of carriages at your service.

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An abridged Master of Ceremonies - but we will still provide an interactive, capable Presenter.

Our Host's main duties consist of several appearances

  • Inquire with you before the start of the event or a certain activity and then inquire again after the start of said goings-on.  Make any initial announcements that you would rather not pertaining to the start of an event.

  • Halfway point crowd energizing and any obligatory announcements.

  • Work in coordination with DJ or as an MC Assistant.

  • One Prize Facilitation duty, your Prize Method or Ours.

From $25 per hour.

Also see Auctioneer and Concierge and Master of Cermonies.

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Janitorial Service.

If your Banquet Facility does not offer evening-end clean up services- look to Amerifun! We can handle everything from Emptying Trash to Mopping Floors to Cleaning Rest Rooms. Arrange your event where you and your guests can just 'cut and run' after your event- because after all.. who wants to 'stick around' and clean up?

Services Offered:

  • Light Clean-up (pick up loose trash only).

  • Thorough Clean-up (pick up loose trash and empty trash).

  • Complete Clean-up (pick up and empty trash, sweep and mop floors).

  • Deluxe Clean-up (pick up and empty trash, sweep and mop floors, wipe-down countertops and glass-not windows).

  • Premium Clean-up (all of the above and clean kitchen).

From $75.

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  Limousine Rentals.


Anyone who has lived in or around Wichita knows that there are indeed several limousine companies... so which one do you choose? We have used most of them and they are all first-rate.  Whether you need Stretches or SUV's, Wichita has it all- we don't know who to recommend!

We have used A List Limousine recently.  They have always arrived early with experienced and charismatic drivers.  A List is event-tested and their Chrysler 300's and Luxury Vans are available at the same rate as direct.

Let us take care of all the details for you - then be chauffeured around like the Star that You Are!  From one limousine for a Scotch & Sirloin Dinner Package to multiple limousines and sedans for a large event.

A-List Limousine is Wichitaís newest limousine service and is known for its beautiful fleet of limousines.  They have packages available for any occasion or will make one specifically for you.  A-List Limousine will make any occasion more special and more memorable.  Receive VIP treatment and make an elegant appearance with an A-List limousine.

A-List offers super-stretch luxury limousines buses.  All of their Limousines are equipped with Fiber Optic Lighting that changes colors, full mirrored Star-gazer Ceilings, AM/FM stereo with CD player, Color TVís with VCR and leather seating.  Soft drinks and glassware are always provided and an ice bar is available for parties over 21 who may want to bring alcoholic beverages.  All of their limousines are non-smoking.

Book early for best availability.  Discounts may be available for rentals of 4 or more hours or Sunday through Friday. 

TIP: If you are searching elsewhere for your limousine needs, make sure that you look for a company that offers these advantages:

  • Polite and helpful drivers (and receptionists too).

  • Will the drivers be dressed in formal/ appropriate attire?

  • Drivers that know their way around town or all the hot night spots.  Drivers that can get you 'Free Admission' to places of interest.

  • Industry-experienced Limousine Drivers.  Is driver crash history available?

  • A local company can help ensure that your driver will arrive on time.

  • Late-Model Inventory is important.

Amerifun Owner Commentary:
Anyone can reserve you a car.  As an actual former professional Wichita limousine driver, I know what folks expect.  You most-likely want a driver that uses eye contact when communicating with you as well as keeping an eye on the needs of the passengers (especially the ladies while also taking note of the gents).  A smooth ride is important, even a late model car can be a bumpy ride if the driver does not operate the car with a gentle uptake and an even smoother stopping technique.  And speaking of driving techniques, you probably want a driver that can maneuver the car, especially in relation to where your door ends up- after all, you don't want to step into a mud puddle!  Another service that is to be expected would be abundant ice and on-board beverages as well as clean glasses, properly placed napkins- not to mention a clean, freshly fragrant car. As an additional topping, make sure you request additional services in case the driver has not thought of them, such as fancy candies or exterior champagne service.  I will see that you get a good car AND a good driver!


If your tastes require a little more..

If you fancy exotic vehicles or classic cars, please take a moment to click on the link below to browse or national west coast-based partner XOrides.  XOrides offers:

  • Exotic Cars that include makes such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Dodge (Viper), Porsche, Lotus, Tesla (electric), VW, Formula 1 and Audi.

  • Luxury Cars that include Bentley, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Mercedes, BMW, Maybach and Chrysler.

  • Classic Convertibles such as Thunderbird, Chevy Bel Air, Mustang, Cadillac, Cobra and Camaro.

  • Limousines:  Rolls Royce, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Jaguar, Hummer, Chrysler, Lincoln, Cadillac, Corvette and Lexus.

  • Bulletproof and Armored Vehicles

  • SUV's

  • Electric Cars

  • Party Buses

  • Private Jets

Exotic Chauffeured Limousine Rentals

All Delivered to any city in the United States.  As always, Amerifun will coordinate your transportation needs at no additional cost with your Casino Party order.

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Party Bus.

wpe5D.jpg (42942 bytes)

Now Available!  Compliment your transportation needs with these roomy buses.  You  have seen them - the big green party buses on the streets of Wichita - we can book them for you!  Three Buses available.

wpe55.jpg (32182 bytes) wpe50.jpg (41134 bytes) wpe57.jpg (31147 bytes) wpe5A.jpg (37693 bytes)

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Photographer_QS_Camera_only.png (286012 bytes)

Nearly every event that we have ever been a part of has had someone taking pictures in one form or another- so naturally we have ran across some fine Photographers.

And we won't just present you with a 'guy with a camera' and leave everything else to you- we will customize the photo setting to fit your needs.

We offer:

  • Portraits indoor or outdoor.

  • Backdrops. Colored (blue or black no charge) or Hand-painted/ Airbrushed(from $50).

  • Backgrounds. Theme or Custom Designed/ Custom-built. 
    Large Photo Mural Backgrounds are also available but not recommended for portrait backdrops.

  • Costume Inventory for rent or purchase to compliment your theme.

  • Standees-the stand up likenesses that you poke your face through. Great for a 'Carnival' theme or Children's party.

  • Events Videotaped. Click here to see our Video Camera.

  • Same-evening Photo Development Services from $15 per photo, $200 minimum.

  • Free custom imprinting on your pictures.

Photographer_QS_Setting.png (549517 bytes)
Our Casino Sign makes a great Backdrop!

Here is a sample of one of our Photographer's Custom Hand Painted Backdrops.

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Photography_QS_Background.png (969819 bytes)

Prize Services.

We offer convenient Prize Services to take some of the pressure of you during the busy times!


Prize Placement:

This useable service can really be helpful.  Just have your prizes dropped at your venue and we will take care of the rest, from tables to linens to an attractive merchandised placement.  We can also coordinate delivery of your prizes to your venue.


Door Prize Coordination:

We can bag your giveaways or provide door prizes with bags or baskets for whatever your sized group and hand them out to your guests.


Prize Shopping Service:

When you think 'holiday season', 'overcrowded' almost certainly comes to mind.  Avoid the congestion of the holiday shopping frenzy and allow us to Shop For and Deliver your prizes to you or your venue.  From $50 per hour, delivered.

If you have already purchased prizes for an event and they are awaiting pick-up, do not fret - we will get it done!  From only $50.


Charitable Donation Solicitation:

One can literally spend weeks on the telephone securing donations.  We will contact your contributors or cold-call a certain demographic in your organization's name for a per call rate.

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Product Promotion.

Whether you are having an in-house event or a public one we will promote YOU to Your guests.  No matter what the occasion - a little advertising will go a long way! 

At Amerifun we will enhance your event.  We want your event to be the 'crowd drawer' that you anticipate.  We offer Custom Banners and Signage for indoor or outdoor use as well as outdoor Rooftop Inflatables and 'Sky Dancers' to really turn their heads!

In addition, we can put you in touch with and coordinate the logistical details of your TV, Radio or Billboard advertising.

We can even provide the 'foot soldiers' that you need to distribute you promotional flyers door to door. 

Vinyl Banners from $8 per square foot.

Also check here and type in "banners" in the search box:

Use this link for those fun Casino Dealer Vests- type in "vests"- there is also a tuxedo vest!  You can order right from this site - 1000's of party supplies, decorations and favors!
Foam Signage:

Foam is a very versatile material for decorating.  It is super lightweight, holds it's shape and is the perfect base for additional coatings.  You have probably seen foam shapes out there and not even realized it.  Foam is used in home construction, especially stucco homes: a coating is applied that is weather-resistant.

We can provide you with ready-made letters for your own do-it-yourself signage project or we can custom-craft you a personalized or common sign.

Ready Made Styrofoam Letters that can be painted or left white: 8": $3.19 ea.   12": $4.19 ea. + Shipping.

Custom-font Dow Styrofoam Signage from $50 or we may be able to create a sign to suit your needs and only charge the rental rate.  Just let us know what you want to say!

wpe4.jpg (33338 bytes) wpe2.jpg (26691 bytes)

Custom Neon Signs from $200.

We can create a sign for you from traditional glass neon or we have a new flexible neon product that works wonders!  Please contact us for more information.

Inflatable Promotional Items available but not pictured:
Hot Air Balloon
Sky Dancers

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Also see Promotional Web Design

Promotional Products.

If it can be manufactured - you can have your logo on it! Promotional Merchandise is designed to promote your business, whether to the public or internally. Great giveaways at Customer Appreciation events or for Prizes at Employee Appreciation events. We offer a wide assortment of factory-direct merchandise from Coffee Cups to Ink Pens!

New!  We just found a new vendor - and they can imprint anything!  If we cannot order an item we can have your items imprinted locally.  Also a great service for themed party prizes or giveaways!

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Red Carpet Runners/ Stanchions

4' wide runner pictured above

Custom-sized orders are available!

Sizing Note:  Red Carpet Runners are cut from 12' rolls.  Unless you need a 12' runner, sections are available in 12' lengths.  Please let us know if you need a specific size (we have a variety of sizes in stock but we discard our used carpet fairly quickly in order to always provide new or nearly new carpet with each order).

Standard party runners are typically 3', 4' or 6' width.  3' width is best for tight spaces and ideal for game shows.  4' width is a good all-around runner.  6' is ideal for large entryways.  Consider a 12' wide runner if you have a very large passage or crowd.
We can provide whatever length you wish by seaming longer lengths from the underside from the underside with gaffer tape followed by double-sided tape (seams will not be visible).
  Edges are not surged or binded but are straight-cut. 

Installation Note:  For indoor applications we use double-sided tape, red duck tape optional.  For outdoor we may be able to use double-sided tape but may have to use red duck tape (included) if surface is not smooth enough.  If concrete needs to be cleaned there is a $50 fee (we will recommend simple dish soap, degreaser or muriatic acid), please try to let us know beforehand if concrete needs to be cleaned.

Red Carpet Rental per 12' lengths:  3'X12' $40.  4'X12' $50.  6'X12 $80.  12' width $40 per running yard.

Chrome Stanchion Rental: $35 ea..
Red Velvet Rope Rental 7': $25 ea..
Discount is available for orders of 10 or more stanchions.

There is an additional $50 delivery fee added to entire order.  Set-up includes installation and stretching as needed.  

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Red_Carpet_WSU_PS.png (938640 bytes) Red_Carpet_WSU2_PS.png (911275 bytes)

6' wide runner pictured above

Valet Parking Services.

Arriving fashionably late? Our "Car Concierge" offers you the convenience of not having to drive around and 'look for a spot'! Our staff is in Uniform complete with Podium and Umbrella.

From $1 per person.  Several options available to minimize waiting time.

$1 per person - One staff member provided for your event.
$2 per person -Two staff members provided for your event.
$5 per person - One staff member provided per 20 guests.
$10 per person - One staff member provided per 10 guests.
$15 per person - One staff member provided per 5 guests.

$100 minimum.

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Web Design Promotional / Event Web Design.

If you need a quick website to promote an upcoming event then this is the service for you.

We will create an attractive yet functional modern site with up to 6 pages.  We can also offer direction on writing your page titles and content.  Includes your own domain name $179.  Or select our turn-key package.  We will prepare, finalize and upload your new site and include 3-months hosting... only $199 one-time payment.  After the 3 months, the web expires or if you wish you can keep it active with the same host for between $3 and $5 per month.  Other packages with multiple domains also available.

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Our Chips / Cheques / Poker Chips are the very best in the industry and by far the highest quality available in Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest or the Nation.
REAL CASINO CHIPS (not a sales pitch).
We use the good ones (no one else does)!
Featuring true inlay - not a sticker or decal.
All cheques have denominations on the chip!

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