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 AmeriFUN -  Est. 1997 

Our Specialties Are:
Casino Nights / Casino Parties
TV-style Game Shows  
Decoration & Prop Fabrication

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"One of the best parties we ever had"
- Slawson Companies, December 2014

"We will be booking again.."
- CASA of SG County
, April 2014

"Way better than the other company"
- Wichita Collegiate
, April 2014

"By far the best"
- Hotel Old Town
, January 2013

"So much more helpful"
- McPherson College
, January 2013

"We had a wonderful time"
- Wichita Surgical Specialists
, Dec 2013

>>>Hello!  We are in the process of updating and completely re-building all our sites on a different platform.  Pls excuse any outdated info you find here, thanks!
Most current casino rentals sites: | (lowest cost games).

Exclusive Benefits:

Massive 10' Roulette w/ 32" Casino Wheel     Colossal 14' Craps     Mammoth 8' Poker
All standard casino games and many more to choose.

Real Chips, Real Layouts, Games with Flair.  We strive to bring you high-quality and good-looking equipment.

Cashier Cages, Casino Sign, Red Carpet & Stanchions, Trees w/ Lighting, Metallic Wall Dressings, Faux Chandeliers

#1 Form of Corporate Entertainment!

Offering strategic recommendations, turnkey rentals, expert placement, fast set-up & tear-down and event-seasoned staff.

  Request a Proposal - Only Amerifun delivers a detailed quote with images and line by line costs.  We also will recommend the proper sized games for your sized group.  We will create a custom proposal based on your requests and guest total, that will yield the ideal number of player gaming spots.  Experience first-hand why Amerifun is your BEST BET for casino night games & rentals.

...And Even More Benefits

>Free Play Money
>Funds Distribution
>Plentiful Chip Inventory
>Fun Rules
>Prize Aides
>Funds Redemption
>Prize Facilitation
Quality & Creativity in
every game

Mobile Entertainment Specialists

Gaming Tables & Poker Rentals

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Delivering plentiful pro equipment with styled, well-organized casino party entertainment.

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Cheap Blackjacks!
Now anyone can host a casino night.
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6'X3' with folding legs
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Premium Poker
Table Top
MSRP $99.  Elsewhere for $69..
SPECIAL $55 w/ case
19 lbs..  Suited Cloth
Open: 31.5" x 63" x .625".
Closed: 15.75" x 32" x 3".
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Slot Machine Bank
Replica Slot Machine Bank.
With Sounds.
MSRP $259 SPECIAL $199.
Manual Coin Release.
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9" x 14" x 24.5" TALL.


Custom Made

Custom Projects and Themes.

Event Design & Decorating.

Xmas_Theme_Scholfield_PS.png (3627293 bytes)

Theme Design Info.

mini-golf-under-construction-custom-mini-golf-ps.png (368506 bytes)

mini-golf-wichita-custom-mini-golf-hole1-ps.png (644495 bytes)


Theme Design Main Page (You Are Here)
Some of these pages under construction or in the process of being deleted.     Columns     Balloons     Fringe & Vinyl

Corrugated    Party Supplies     Props     Fabric     Lighting     Fountains     Hardware     Premium

We offer designers that will answer your call for personalized
design of your theme through comprehensive planning.  
We also offer Custom Hands-on Fabrication of your custom project.

For an expert touch to the theme design process we recommend a personal consultation with a designer.  We will prepare different possible scenarios in advance for a 'brainstorming session' where we will help you to realize your creativity and put your thoughts to paper.

You will leave the discussion with a clearer vision of the direction, construction of and implementation of your theme.

If you are satisfied with the projected courses of action, we can begin to take your theme to the next level by fabricating your ideas and coordinating your theme around your event.

The aspects of your theme will be applied in well-focused style in conjunction with your particular theme by a team of professional theme designers and crafters.

Initial and subsequent theme design consultations $75/ hr. - money well spent!

If after your initial consultation you decide to move forward with your decorating project on your own, rest-assured that if at any time along the way you require professional assistance it is available as you need it.

Brainstorming:  We will conduct a brainstorming session in which members of our team compile a list of generic element ideas related to your theme.  This list really jump-starts the creative process.  Here is an actual list from a WESTERN theme brainstorming session (our competitors will surely copy this list, like they often do, because it's a great list!):
TIP: The advantage of this process is that after the initial meeting you can elect to go another route if your do not like the list of ideas which are yours to keep!

saloon entry     horse trough/tie off     split rail fencing     jail(and other buildings... hotel, undertaker, general store, telegraph etc.)     big wheel(life size)
hay bales     feed bags     wagon wheel     barrel     red/white checkerboard table cloths     covered wagon     stage coach     boots/spurs
cowboy hats/bandanas     bolo ties     horses/other suffed animals/snakes     rope     cows     firewood     cactus/joshua tree     cow skulls
horse shoes     desert sunset backdrop(s)     saloon girls     fire w/ cooking pot     wanted posters     sepia photos     piñata     cemetery     saddle
pick axe     plow parts     banjo     guns/rifles     spittoon     dynamite     coffin     civil war/ tent     western bar/ bar back


Santa_Chair.png (294705 bytes) Santa_Chair2.png (262888 bytes) Santa_Throne1.png (1065315 bytes)

The sky is the limit with Amerifun - If you cannot find something, we will build it!

This Santa throne / Santa Chair was designed and fabricated from scratch for a client.  A hollow armrest for candy canes was implemented into the design.

This throne is sort of majestic as gold with red velvet and is also a great piece for Prom King or a Medieval theme.  Includes under-seat storage and is on wheels for easy placement.

Xmas_Theme_Scholfield_PS.png (3627293 bytes)
Realistic faux stone Fireplace, Cathedral Windows, Santa Sign, Trees and Accessories pictured.


How the process works:

Your Preliminary Checklist:
1.)  Determine the theme that you wish to achieve.  Use our handy list at the bottom of this page to help.
2.)  Decide on a Venue.
3.)  Figure a decorations budget.
4.)  Be prepared for some great recommendations.

Our Preliminary Checklist:
1.) Deise a list of creative ideas, aspects and theme elements.
1.)  Establish core focal point decorations.
2.)  Determine wall, ceiling and table dressings.  Identify lighting options.
3.)  Offer low cost alternatives.
4.) Recommend a complete theme with no missing components while offering overlooked aspects.

Depending on your cost ceiling we will recommend a variety of Rentals, Ready-made Items to purchase, Custom-crafted Pieces and Custom Printing among other items.

We offer CUSTOM Theme Design. 

Example: "Hollywood":
Your indoor decorations will depend on the placement of tables and chairs as well as what the decorating protocol of your venue may be.  If you had a large entryway or atrium, gold/black/red Lighted Balloon Columns (topped with large gold Star Balloons) connected with Balloon Arches could be in order.  Large Balloon Globes would be a breathtaking adornment as well.  Red Carpet could also be used indoors (as well as outdoors).  Lighted Fabric Columns (in a variety of styles) throughout the hall, possibly connected with fabric would be a nice touch as would additional Entryways.  Gold/black/red Linens are a must possibly with chair covers.  Gold Oscar Centerpieces, Electronic Candles, Gold Foliage or Star Balloons could make up the Centerpieces.  Wall Decorations could include Metallic Curtains, Lighted Curtains, City Skylines and/ or Hollywood Hills Skyline with "HOLLYWOOD" Letters.  Movie Posters displayed from Easels along with Movie Star Standees and Palm Trees could also fill in some spots.  Large Film and Film Reels, Clapboards, Cameras, Spotlights, Movie Decorations and Silhouette Standees could also be used.  Strobe Lights throughout as well as Live Actors posing as Paparazzi would be another nice addition.  If your venue included an outdoor space, we would recommend a large custom solid-color vinyl or paper Banner possibly displaying sponsor text or images.  This banner would run parallel to Red Carpet, Velvet Rope and Chrome Stanchions.  Another option could be a gold/black/red Balloon Arch lit with Strobe Lights and flanked with large Oscar Statues.  An alternative to this could also be a large Lighted Theater Entry Marquee.  Lighted Star Decorations, Lighted Metal Columns, Working Spotlight and Working Closed-circuit Camera Decorations and more Live Paparazzi Actor would also set the stage outdoors as well as offer a fantastic curb view.  In addition, you may consider large Outdoor Search Lights and Limousines.  If you have a nearby hill, the icing on the cake would be Large Lighted Outdoor 4'X8' high H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D Letters in the distance. 

These are just some ideas.  For example you could work more towards "awards show" than "movie premiere".  We will address all possible scenarios with you.

We will provide you with a complete itemized quote for all items by category for your review.

Columns for sale or rent - Click Here


You don't have to break the bank!  We also offer economical theme design without the need of having to retain a professional theme designer.  After over a decade in the party business we have came up with many great ideas and acquired numerous supplier outlets.  We will provide you with an itemized list of recommendations and any that you select are provided with free professional placement.

The Theme Design process can be accomplished with:

  • Realistic, Life-sized Props or Custom-built Props, Entry-ways and Backdrops.  Like-like Animals also available (such as horses for western theme).
  • Fanciful Ceiling, Wall or Outdoor Decorations and Dressings.
  • Ribbon, Greenery and Floral.
  • Lighted Props or Decorations and Accent Lighting.
  • Coordinated Linens and Centerpieces.
1940's Posters Vintage


Model_T_1_PS.png (604444 bytes)

Here is an example of how Amerifun takes your decorating to the next level.

  A client was planning a 1920's themed event...  Instead of recommending a cardboard backdrop, we delivered an actual Model T automobile - that's how we roll!
(The car pictured is a completely restored 1928 Coupe.  A completely restored 1928 Sedan is also available as well as two 1923 partially restored coupes.  The restored cars are great for hall focal points or as a backdrop for food tables.  The partially restored ones are a little more rustic and make for a great gangster theme).


Model_T_2_PS.png (584327 bytes)

We will always strive to transform your venue and event into a true themed experience.


We will never leave you upside down with your own decorating project.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if you require a hand.  We can provide Personable Creative Decorators, High-climbers or Heavy-lifters - Just ask!

As always, we can still recommend and rent or sell you the Props to you with Free Professional Placement!


Always Consider LIGHTING!

LIGHTING makes ANY decoration better!  Many of our decorations already include lighting, or CAN include lighting - Just ask!

For example:  Balloon decorations are great - but consider them with mini lighting or strobe lights inside - Wow!

Column_V_with_Lighted_Globe2_PS.png (364202 bytes)


Please Contact Us or Request a Quote and we will begin your theme design project with comprehensive research.  We will then concentrate our results into an itemized comprehensive free proposal with  breakdown of all our suggestions so you can pick and choose what works best for you.

Typically our theme design packages will begin with large key props in conjunction with complimenting items such as ceiling or wall dressings, table decorations and costumed staff members depending on your requests and the available space.  Your own imagination is the only limitation to other great ideas!


Theme Ideas List (2009):

Roaring 20's
American/ Patriotic
Anniversary/ Wedding
Art Deco
Big City
Fabric Dressings
Far East
Garden/ Park
Get Well
Love & Affection
Mardi Gras
Mexico/ Fiesta
Special Occasion
Spring Fling
St. Patrick's
Stars (shapes, not Hollywood)
Thanksgiving/ Fall
Theme Colors
Turn of the Century
Wharf/ Beach
Winter Wonderland

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Our Chips / Cheques / Poker Chips are the very best in the industry and by far the highest quality available in Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest or the Nation.
REAL CASINO CHIPS (not a sales pitch).
We use the good ones (no one else does)!
Featuring true inlay - not a sticker or decal.
All cheques have denominations on the chip!

AmeriFUN~ is a purveyor of Stylish Casino Party Entertainment and Casino Equipment Rentals
and the Home of the fabulous Pair A Dice Fantasy Casino.

Partial National and Wichita-area Client List:

AGC PAC     Allstate     Alltel     American Family Insurance     American Cancer Society     American Heart Association     American Red Cross
AmerisourceBergen     Auto World     Aventis Pharmaceuticals     Barton Solvents     BKD     Boeing     Bombardier     Boys & Girls Clubs     Butler CCC
Cargill     CASA     Case & Associates     Cessna     Cox Communications     Culligan     Dillard's     Discovery Channel     Dubuque CVB
Enterprise Rent A Car     Equity Bank     Exploration Place     Farmers Insurance Group     Ford Motor Credit     Freedom Peak     Granite City
Grant Thornton     Greenwood County Hospital     H&R Block     Holiday Inn     House of Schwan     Home Bank     IBM     Independent School
Interhab     The Isle Casino     Kansas Heart Hospital     KS Hospital Association     Kansas Orthopaedic Center     KIOGA     Kroger     KUMC
Land O Lakes     Larksfield Place     Lubrication Engineers     Manko Windows     M&M Insurance     Nation Pizza     PHCC     PKM Steel
Plaza Real Estate     Preferred Health Systems     Raytheon     Rolling Hills Country Club     Rusty Eck Ford     Scholfield Auto Group
Sedgwick Plaza     Senior Services     Seward County Community College     Sherwin Williams     Speedy Cash     Sterling College
Sullivan Higdon & Sink     T-Mobile     Tallgrass Country Club     Terradyne Country Club     ThyssenKrupp     Trimac     Unilever
United States Air Force     Valassis     Verizon     Via Christi     Vornado     Washburn University     Wichita State University
Waste Connections     Wichita-area High Schools (all)     Wichita Surgical Specialists     York International     YMCA


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All rights reserved.


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