Metallic vinyl fringe wall curtains


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The Ideal Casino Decoration

Vinyl metallic foil fringe wall curtains are a shimmering adornment and an economical solution that can really enhance a space.  This is a glamorous decoration with ordinary pricing!

The perfect "up-do" for any doorway, bare wall, stage backdrop or room division.  Just the thing to compliment your theme or company colors.  Goes great with balloons.

This lightweight, easy to hang product is perfect for transforming an industrial environment or "less-sightly area".  It is a must-have if your event is in an unfinished space or warehouse.

Professional onsite placement available at $50 per hour.


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"Order A Case"

Not only is the case price the best price, but you will find that the extra units really come in handy.  And if you decorate frequently you will use them up in no time!

"Plan For Double"

Consider doubling the final number of units that you need.

If you double-up the curtains when you hang them (offset the top curtain about 1/8" to the left or right.  This will give a you a more bursting appearance with less wall showing through.


Not all fringe is created equal!  We offer three different types of vinyl fringe: Good, Better and Best.


Good (Economy) Metallic Fringe Curtain:

Fringe-Package-Amerifun-ps.png (749615 bytes) Packaged retail-ready.  Case-price is the most cost-effective approach and cases include 72 units.

This economical product is the best value but is the thinnest at approx. 1 mil. thick.  Recommended for ONE-TIME USE ONLY but can possibly be re-used if proper care is taken to preserve for later use (attach with straight pins or tacks instead of tape and store in a hanging position).

3' width X 8' length (drop).

Gold, Silver, Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Rainbow, Mardi Gras


Mardi Gras


Please select color.  Please Note: We currently only offer CASES in this particular line of fringe.  We order directly from the manufacturer and there is a 1 case minimum. 


Better (Mid-grade) Metallic Fringe Curtain:

Note:  We are in the process of re-evaluating our supplier of mid-grade fringe curtains.  We have found that the economy serves most needs well.  If you need a thicker, longer lasting curtain please consider our premium product below.

Our mid-grade fringe is practically as good as the premium except for custom sizes and colors and number of layers.  We offer a variety of different products to complete your project or event decorations.  Count on Amerifun to recommend the right colors and sizes at the best available price whatever your application.

Fringe-Curtain-Metallic-ST-ps.png (1072350 bytes)

Two Color:  Black/Red, Blue/Gold, Blue/White, Green/White, Purple/Gold, Red/White.
Holographic:  Silver, Gold.
Cracked Ice:  Gold, Blue, Silver, Red.
Star:  Black w/ Gold Stars, Blue w/ Silver Stars, Black w/ Silver Stars, Purple w/ Silver Stars.
Large 12' W X 8' H Curtain:  Blue, Silver, Black, Gold, Purple, Red, Iridescent.
Patterned:  Ivy on White, Cloud on Light Blue, Twinkle Star on Light Blue.

Single-color Metallic:  Teal, Iridescent, Black, Burgundy, Forest Green, Purple, Mardi Gras, Silver, Gold, Dark Blue, Lavender, Green.
Extra-long Single-color Metallic:  Black, Purple, Gold, Silver, Dark Blue.
Double-stuff:  Thicker, richer look.  Purple, Silver, Gold, Dark Blue, Red, Iridescent.

Two Color:  3' W X 8' L (Drop)
Holographic and Cracked Ice:  3' W X 8' H.
Star:  3' W X 8' H.
Patterned:  3' W X 8' H.
Single-color Metallic:  3' W X 8' H.
Extra-long Single-color Metallic:  3' W X 12' H.
Double-stuff:  3' W X 8' H.

These styles come from a variety of vendors.  Please call us at (316) 821-0202 for a quote or email us.


Best (Premium), Tailor-made Curtains:

If you desire a hard-working curtain custom-made specifically for your event, we offer 2,3 or 4 layer metallic fringe curtain in a large variety of colors.  This is a professional product used in theatrical productions.  The above economy fringe at the top of this web page is indeed an attractive product but it is a bit thinner and also is single-layer.  Our premium curtains are made up of overlapping or multiple layers for a much thicker product.  These products will retain their desired effect and provide optimal coverage for many uses.

Standard curtains are 2-layer and most are under $3.00/sq ft.  Additional layers are available on request.

Please specify color(s) and/or sequence of layers, height and width of the finished curtain and slit dimension (1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", or 1").
Standard top finish is twill webbing. For ties at the top, add $2.25 per foot of width.  Many times these ship in just a few days!

Available in solid (metallic), diffraction, cracked ice, fluorescent and semi gloss.

The nice thing with a custom product is the availability.  Choose from hard-to-find colors such as orange, yellow, copper, pink etc..
Color Chart
IFR: Inherently Fire Resistant

Double or Multiple Layer metallic Curtain Styles:
Our designer vinyl curtains have heavy vinyl strips.  It is quite a contrast to hold the premium product in your hand versus the economy product... the difference feels like double.

Metallic:  Silver, Gold, Citron, Bronze, Moss, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Ice Blue, Flag Blue, Cerise, Red, Burgundy, Black, Copper, Teal.
Semi-gloss:  Dark Blue, Orange, Lt. Green, red, Lt. Blue, Orchid, Moss, White, Yellow, Pink.
Cracked Ice:  Royal Blue, Iris, Gold, Silver, Fuchsia, Red, Emerald, Purple, Black.
Iris / Flourescent:  Iris, Iridescent, Fl. Pink, Fl. Orange, Neon Green, Fl. Lemon, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Orange.
Diffraction:  Silver, Gold, Fuchsia.

Scallop-Fringe-RB-ps.png (171758 bytes) Above styles are also available in a new Scallop cut for a unique appearance.

2-layer Product Price:
These raes are approximate and are subject to change from this vendor.  We will provide you with an exact quote when we submit our proposal to you that includes all costs.
Metallic:  $2.10/ Sq. Ft.
Semi-Gloss:  $2.10/ Sq. Ft.
Cracked Ice:  $2.50/ Sq. Ft.
Iris & Fluorescent:  $2.35/ Sq. Ft.
Diffraction:  $2.65/ Sq. Ft.


NEW: Overlapping Metallic Slash Curtains for extraordinary effects:
Reflects light in an exciting fashion.  1/8" overlapping strips for great coverage.
Metallic:  Black, Silver, Gold, Iridescent, Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Silver/Iridescent/Gold.
Diffraction:  Black, White, Silver(pictured), Silver/Gold.
  • Diffraction material picks up and bounces light.
  • Fabricated entirely of durable self-extinguishing vinyl.
  • Each Slit Drape unit is 3' (0.9m) wide and as many units as needed may be used for a seamless, continuous curtain.  Available in 8', 16', 24' Length.





If you use this product, it is best to try to cover all of the walls in the room for uniformity.  If you choose to cover one wall, make sure to cover from corner to corner.


Please Contact Us or Request a Quote and we will respond to you ASAP.  We will begin your theme design project with comprehensive research.  We will concentrate our results into a page here on our website and will email you a link to the specific themed page.  We will then send you an itemized quote with  breakdown of all our suggestions so you can pick and choose what works best for you!

Typically our theme design packages will begin with large key props in conjunction with complimenting items such as ceiling or wall dressings, table decorations and costumed staff members depending on your requests and the available space.  Your own imagination is the only limitation to other great ideas!


Our metallic fringe product is the #1 best low-cost decoration and can be used with just about any theme.

Theme Ideas List:

Roaring 20's
American/ Patriotic
Anniversary/ Wedding
Art Deco
Big City
Fabric Dressings
Far East
Garden/ Park
Get Well
Love & Affection
Mardi Gras
Mexico/ Fiesta
Special Occasion
Spring Fling
St. Patrick's
Stars (shapes, not Hollywood)
Thanksgiving/ Fall
Theme Colors
Turn of the Century
Wharf/ Beach
Winter Wonderland

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