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cashier_cage_teller_station_casino_nite_party_amerifun_ps.png (529633 bytes) If you're going to hire a casino provider you should get all the extras!
Available Now.  8' version pictured left.  Also shortens to 6' two-window version.
This unit is a MUST-HAVE for any Casino Themed Party or Casino Night.

Winter Special Through 03/31/11:Winter Special Through 03/31/11:
Appropriate sized cage included no charge with events reserved and held through 03/31/2011.
We base the cage size on event size - 4', 6' & 8' sizes available, banquet table required.

Our Specialties Are: Casino Nights - Game Shows - Prop Fabrication (WE CAN BUILD ALMOST ANY DECORATION OR ELEMENT).

Offering Quantity, Quality and Creativity.

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We never charge for a quote.  We work hard to earn your business and your trust.

With Amerifun you will always know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost.

Your quote will include a line-by-line listing of all costs.

It does take time to prepare your itemized proposal.  As a reciprocal courtesy please make a point to keep us posted on the progress of your review and feel free to share any suggestions on how our estimate can serve you better.


Request a quick quote for any service from this page.

Please use the Mini Order Form below to send us your information and
we will respond ASAP with a quick itemized quote based on your guest total
(please include your guest total and any special requests, comments or instructions) ~ Thanks!

If you have wide-ranging needs, please Email Us or call (316) 821-0202
and we will come sit down with you to arrange your interests and begin crafting a personalized party plan for you.


We have learned through direct hands-on experience how to properly determine
the optimum number of player positions in addition to
what games to recommend.

Over the last decade we have tried it all, and have learned from experience what games and how many work best with what number of guests.  Our formula works so well that many of our competitors copy us verbatim.


Guests will rarely all play at the same time.  Finishing dessert, having coffee, stepping outside, mingling, dancing, having a drink or just watching are all things that guests may be doing instead of playing.

We have experimented with different numbers and there are indeed some variables (such as if you have numerous guests - but only a few in the room at any given time).  For example you may be having an event totally dedicated to the gaming with most guests playing.  Please also let us know if you have other activities and will in turn need less or more casino games.

How many games?
The 'rule of thumb' that we follow first is a 70% games-to-guest ratio.  For example, if you have 200 guests then 140 player positions is ideal.  The number of games we provide is ultimately your decision and we will rent you as much or as little as you like.  We do not require you to rent a certain number of games per number of guests, we leave that decision up to you and only provide expert guidance.

What games?
Unless you have specific requests, when we create a proposal for you we will recommend popular games as well as games that may integrate well with your theme.  We will of course keep you posted and solicit your feedback along the way.  Please feel free to ask for a Complimentary Player Survey!

Will you make a recommendation?
Some of the games we will recommend first will be:  Blackjack for around 30% of your guests total as well as Poker Positions for about 10-15% (or more).  We will also recommend other "staples" such as Craps and Roulette.  As for Slot Machines, we typically recommend a minimum number of machines equal to near around 5% of your guest total.

For example:  Say you have 100 people*.  We would most-likely recommend something like (4) Blackjack, (2) Poker 6', (1) Craps 8', (1) Roulette 7' and (5) Slots. Total Player Positions: 71, an optimum number.
*If you are seeking a quote to compare with our competitor, please let us know what sizes of specific games that you have been quoted so that we may provide a comparable quote.

Can I substitute games?
With so many great games it is sometimes a challenge to decide which games to recommend, not may companies have this problem!  The solution that we came up with has been to address any special requests up front and expand on that while following our typical guidelines of recommending popular games.  This is done in conjunction with leaving the option open on your quote for substitutions of your choice as well as listing the other games available in a particular price category.


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You may also email us or Call Us at (316) 821-0202.

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