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 AmeriFUN -  Est. 1997 

Our Specialties Are:
Casino Nights / Casino Parties
TV-style Game Shows  
Decoration & Prop Fabrication

The Best Game in Town!Roulette_10-foot_Amerifun_2015_Boathouse.png (1301528 bytes)




"One of the best parties we ever had"
- Slawson Companies, December 2014

"We will be booking again.."
- CASA of SG County
, April 2014

"Way better than the other company"
- Wichita Collegiate
, April 2014

"By far the best"
- Hotel Old Town
, January 2013

"So much more helpful"
- McPherson College
, January 2013

"We had a wonderful time"
- Wichita Surgical Specialists
, Dec 2013

>>>Hello!  We are in the process of updating and completely re-building all our sites on a different platform.  Pls excuse any outdated info you find here, thanks!
Most current casino rentals sites: | (lowest cost games).

Exclusive Benefits:

Massive 10' Roulette w/ 32" Casino Wheel     Colossal 14' Craps     Mammoth 8' Poker
All standard casino games and many more to choose.

Real Chips, Real Layouts, Games with Flair.  We strive to bring you high-quality and good-looking equipment.

Cashier Cages, Casino Sign, Red Carpet & Stanchions, Trees w/ Lighting, Metallic Wall Dressings, Faux Chandeliers

#1 Form of Corporate Entertainment!

Offering strategic recommendations, turnkey rentals, expert placement, fast set-up & tear-down and event-seasoned staff.

  Request a Proposal - Only Amerifun delivers a detailed quote with images and line by line costs.  We also will recommend the proper sized games for your sized group.  We will create a custom proposal based on your requests and guest total, that will yield the ideal number of player gaming spots.  Experience first-hand why Amerifun is your BEST BET for casino night games & rentals.

...And Even More Benefits

>Free Play Money
>Funds Distribution
>Plentiful Chip Inventory
>Fun Rules
>Prize Aides
>Funds Redemption
>Prize Facilitation
Quality & Creativity in
every game

Mobile Entertainment Specialists

Gaming Tables & Poker Rentals

casino_party_games_entertainment_wichita_KS_amerifun_Hotel_Old_Town_ps.png (532582 bytes)

Delivering plentiful pro equipment with styled, well-organized casino party entertainment.

cashier_cage_teller_station_casino_nite_party_amerifun_ps.png (529633 bytes)

Casino Parties
Game Shows
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Venues & Banquet Facilities
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Holidays and Notable Dates

Cheap Blackjacks!
Now anyone can host a casino night.
SPECIAL $169 w/ shipping

6'X3' with folding legs
Cheap_Blackjack_Table_Wichita_Casino_Party_Supplies_Amerifun_ps.png (608007 bytes)
Premium Poker
Table Top
MSRP $99.  Elsewhere for $69..
SPECIAL $55 w/ case
19 lbs..  Suited Cloth
Open: 31.5" x 63" x .625".
Closed: 15.75" x 32" x 3".
Coffee_Table-Poker-Table-Top-Premium-Suited-Cloth-Amerifun-ps.png (906166 bytes)

Slot Machine Bank
Replica Slot Machine Bank.
With Sounds.
MSRP $259 SPECIAL $199.
Manual Coin Release.
Slot_Bank_TC_PS.png (879095 bytes)
9" x 14" x 24.5" TALL.


Custom Made

Custom Projects and Themes.

Event Design & Decorating.

Xmas_Theme_Scholfield_PS.png (3627293 bytes)

Theme Design Info.

mini-golf-under-construction-custom-mini-golf-ps.png (368506 bytes)

mini-golf-wichita-custom-mini-golf-hole1-ps.png (644495 bytes)



Family_Feud-style_Game_Show_Set_Amerifun_Game-Shows-Wichita_KS_ps.png (1193135 bytes)
Consider using staging for better spectator viewing.


  • Fully-staffed or Partially-staffed
    (select your best strategy).

  • Variable production costs
    (omit elements you can provide yourself).

  • GAME SHOWS are the
    newest team-building Activity.

  • Hearty Entertainment for everyone in the room (interactive & spectator)!


Game_Show_Decorations_Backdrops_ps.png (1156278 bytes)
Set in more intimate setting or smaller areas for more audience interaction.


Game_Show_Set_Amerifun_With_Double_Layer_Metallic_Curtain_Kroger_ps.png (1398085 bytes)
Double-layer metallic curtains provide extra coverage and catch more light.


  • Fully Turn-key
    (all we need are your contestant names).

  • Everything included
    (itemized proposals).

  • We have a great system that we have fine-tuned over the years.AME SHOWS are the
    newest team-building Activity.

  • Hearty Entertainment for everyone in the room (interactive & spectator)!


Game_Show_Set_Stage_Family_Feud_ps.png (838197 bytes)
Chasing Lights along the top pole really amplify the TV-style game show effect.


We SELL or RENT Game Show Systems and offer custom game show creations.

  • Over-the-road Game Show Productions or we will ship equipment to you.
    We can serve all national clients by travel.  We are located in Wichita KS and although we can most easily serve Midwestern and Southwestern clients

  • Our focus is Game Show Equipment Rentals and Custom Rentals.

  • Optional Game Show Software that offers an alternative to slide-show presentations.

  • Custom Trivia Productions.

  • Custom Game Show Theme Design for a made to order game show set.
    Includes custom-manufactured game show elements, props and equipment.

Use one of our formats or we can
custom-create a show from your own ideas.


Equipment Available:
  • Host Podiums

  • Contestant or Team Podiums / Team Positions

  • Face Off/Showdown or
    Lockout Units.

  • Optional Props and
    Theme Decorations.

  • Sound Systems with
    Cordless Microphone(s).

  • Custom Video Effects /
    Custom Software.

  • Computers (as required).

  • Projectors (front or rear).

  • Projection Screens (front or rear).

  • Large Computer Monitors.

  • Live Video Cameras.

Staffing Available:
  • Energetic, Humorous and Charismatic Hosts.

  • Game Show Equipment /
    Computer Tech.

  • Lighting Tech..

  • General Stage Hands

  • Preliminary or onsite Computer Support or Data Entry.

Optional Features:
  • Strategic Lighting.

  • Additional Video.

  • Banquet Tables and Linens.

We offer Game Show productions for a duration of 1-4 hours (depending on the number of guests) and can adjust the game format accordingly.  We also offer rentals anywhere in the United States.


Custom-designed sets or props also available as an optional service from
highly-skilled designers and crafters along with expert carpenters.


Product-Promotion-Game_Show-Amerifun2-ps.png (488025 bytes)

Feud_Setup_FNMS_Marriott_TEXT_PS.png (663295 bytes)

We have the experience to make your TV-style Game Show a success!

Count on Amerifun to provide the right equipment at the right prices to make your game show unforgettable.

We can also personally design a custom set for you, just let us know what you would like to do!


  • Video Screen / Large Video Monitor
    (we also offer video effects to virtually transform your game show).

  • Projector or Projection Equipment.

  • Computer with capable Technician.

  • Sound System to compliment an Energetic Host.

  • Player or Team Positions
    (Host Podiums available as needed).


We will recommend a variety of equipment options as well as low-cost alternatives during the proposal process
in order to end up with a perfectly tuned production parallel to your needs.


Rear-projection allows Game Tech. and Game Show Equipment to hide behind the screen. Multi-player configurations available in any number of contestants.
Game Show Equipment can obscure a front-projection configuration.
Game-Show-Equipment-Tech-Table-typical-Jeopardy-ps.png (1174298 bytes)
We offer the flexibility of mixing and matching your own components with ours to save you money.

Aside from an in-house projector mounted on the ceiling (Tech. to be positioned less than 25' from game show equipment):

  • Consider a rear-projection configuration with projector and rear-projection screen depending on guest total.

  • Gives the host added space to interact with the teams vs front-projection.

  • Hides the projector and A/V equipment as well as computer and game show controllers.

If you are planning for a front-projector configuration we will make every effort to conceal unrelated technical equipment to the rear of the game show equipment.

Some optional available features that would heighten the experience are:  a Second Projector with a Second Screen, a Video Camera and Strategic Lighting.

Projector-Sony-Amerifun-Game_Shows-Poker-ps.png (891078 bytes)

Screen-Rear-Projection-with-Drape-Kit-Amerifun-Game-Show-ps.png (124040 bytes)

We now use a 7' screen.  It's a bit smaller and a bit shorter, fits better in most venues.

Screen Options:
Standard Screen Rental $150
Under-screen Skirt $50
Metallic Underskirts $20
8/2018 Pls Note:  We are now using a smaller screen.  The screens in the images on this page is an 8' diag, we are now using a 7'; we use a Da-Lite 88623.

New photos coming in Oct/Nov.

Projector or External Flat Screen??
Flat-Monitor-Panasonic-AV-Rental-PS.png (36748 bytes) For smaller settings, an external PC flat-screen monitor is another option and could be the best option.  Depending on the size of the space, a projector configuration could take up too much space.

Also if you are planning a smaller specific activity at an overall larger event, the external flat screen can be perfect for a particular station... and would only require one table.

An external flat panel screen can give you a relatively large projection area for the space.

Comparison of external FLAT SCREEN  VS.  PROJECTOR with screen.
Flat Panel Screen Size
Requires Banquet Table.
Rental Rate with
any other product or
Reverse-projection Projector with
8' w X 6' h Rear-projection Screen
(stands up to 12' high)
Rental Rate $300
Pros: Cons:
Large 96" Viewing Area. Takes up space - screen and A/V table requires approx
20' X 20' area.
Appears even larger
with linens - fills the space,
directs attention.
Requires more time to set-up.
Hides A/V equipment. Less sharpness and
less brightness as compared to external flat screen.
Excellent for large groups or large halls. Works best at lower lighting levels.


8" Pls Inquire.  Flat screens have really come down!  We used to use an outside vendor but you could almost buy one for the rental rate.  Pls let us know how many players you wish to serve at a specific station and/or the size of the space and we will recommend the best course.
Face_Off_PS.png (391817 bytes) Equipment Made in the U.S.A. (Showdown Lockout System):
  • Includes wireless controller for the host.

  • Includes integrated sound effects for right and wrong answers.

  • Built-in LED arrows to indicate which player has locked out.

  • LED scoring from 0-9.

  • Two gooseneck microphones.

  • Assorted Audio output for easy hook-up to any sound system.

You do not have to produce a full scale game show to utilize the unit as there are several game variations.  In addition, the unit has a built in score keeper and is designed to hook up to a second showdown unit creating a four player system.

HPIM0936_PS.png (593290 bytes)
4'X12' Red Carpet Runner

Family-Feud-Team-Positions-custom-ps.png (575423 bytes) Left: NEW Custom 5-Player TEAM POSITIONS/STATIONS from Amerifun.  70" width offers added comfort for 5 contestants and a better fit on a 6' or 8' banquet table.

Right: Original Custom TEAM POSITIONS/STATIONS -
only available from Amerifun!  We will match the design of your other game show elements with red lights or blue lights etc..
Above Units: 60" width.
(2) 6' or 8' Banquet Tables are required and Table Cloths are recommended.

Feud_Team_Positions_PS.png (832553 bytes)
And don't worry about the equipment "not being available"!!  We can custom-fabricate (custom build) any item need.
Game_Show_Compact2_PS.png (383042 bytes)
2009 Rates:
Rental Rate: $950.00.
Purchase Price: $4,995.00  Includes Shipping.

Use the "ShowGun-Compact" or "ShowGun System" with your Game Show.

A true marvel of economical game show units... designed and built in the U.S.A..

  • SGS Compact (pictured left) offers a simple table top design that sets up in seconds and is perfect for any game show production.

  • 36 internal sound effects and built-in audio mixer.

  • Large 4" digits.

  • Built-in scorekeeping.

  • Gooseneck microphones with various hot options.

The compact units include the same master controller as the full-size SGS.  Various inputs and outputs.  Includes lockout feature.    Includes all necessary cables and power supplies.

More Info.

Controller_Game_Systems_closeup_PS.png (2175165 bytes) Note: These stand-alone units plug into a sound system via RCA inputs (RCA cables included) and into the control via XLR cables (included).  You will need a table for the controller and technician.  We recommend placing the table to the rear of the units or behind a partition or curtain to obscure his view from the audience.  Additionally, if you are producing a game show with computer software, you should place the tech. table where he can view the screen (either behind the units or behind a rear-projection screen.
Game_Show_Full_Size2_reworked_flat_PS.png (94912 bytes)
2009 Rates:
Rental Rate: $1,650.00.
Purchase Price: from $6,900.00 Inc. Shipping.
Create a Hollywood-like production with these full-size game show units. 
  • Sets up in minutes.
  • Numerous internal effects and built-in audio mixer.
  • Large 4" digits.
  • Gooseneck microphones with various hot options.
  • 4-button player control panel.

These units include the same master controller as the compact-size SGS.  Various inputs and outputs.  Includes lockout feature.  Includes all necessary cables and power supplies.

More Info.

Showgun_PS.png (818730 bytes)
Product-Promotion-Amerifun-ps.png (540409 bytes) Also ask about personalized Product Promotion!
  • Black Carpet with smooth areas for easy velcro or adhesive attachment.
  • Display team name, company names, etc..
  • Electronic options include integration of your videos or images.
Mix And Match

If you would like to produce your own game show we would be more than happy to provide you with some equipment and mix-and-match your with ours.  Please note that if we do not provide all of the equipment there may some slight logistical issues in conjunction with pairing our equipment with yours.  We will always do our best to provide the best game show production with that we have to work with while making great recommendations along the way!

Staff cost-saving measure We have experimented with many different staffing formats.  You can easily provide your own staffing, just be sure to get at least a few days practice as well as an onsite rehearsal to allow the show to run without impediment.

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Also ask about BIG SCREEN BINGO

Interactive Bingo Software - THIS is 21st Century Bingo!  We are even thinking about phasing out our brass cage!

Now we can host a Bingo session using a computer, projector and a video screen - this is better than the bingo halls!  Set-up is as easy as B1-B2-B3.  We can customize the name, choose the type of board you want and print out customized bingo cards!

Fully Animated:  The Drum spins and the Bingo Ball shows up on the screen.  Awesome graphics and built in sound effects.

When someone gets a BINGO, we can reset the game and start over!  It's never been more fun to play BINGO!

*Our 'Big-screen Bingo' serves up to Two-Hundred but can serve more with additional optional screens and projectors.

Some Audio/Video equipment required.  Computer is included.

wpe15.jpg (13697 bytes) wpe18.jpg (27480 bytes)
wpe1A.jpg (27042 bytes) wpe1D.jpg (26819 bytes)

Part of Amerifun's 'Pair A Dice Fantasy Casino'

Please Note: Please do not inquire specifically about Family Feud, Jeopardy, Wheel-of-Fortune, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader, $100,000 Pyramid etc.  These games are copy-written.  We have no association with the creators of these or other TV game shows.


Our Chips / Cheques / Poker Chips are the very best in the industry and by far the highest quality available in Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest or the Nation.
REAL CASINO CHIPS (not a sales pitch).
We use the good ones (no one else does)!
Featuring true inlay - not a sticker or decal.
All cheques have denominations on the chip!

AmeriFUN~ is a purveyor of Stylish Casino Party Entertainment and Casino Equipment Rentals
and the Home of the fabulous Pair A Dice Fantasy Casino.

Partial National and Wichita-area Client List:

AGC PAC     Allstate     Alltel     American Family Insurance     American Cancer Society     American Heart Association     American Red Cross
AmerisourceBergen     Auto World     Aventis Pharmaceuticals     Barton Solvents     BKD     Boeing     Bombardier     Boys & Girls Clubs     Butler CCC
Cargill     CASA     Case & Associates     Cessna     Cox Communications     Culligan     Dillard's     Discovery Channel     Dubuque CVB
Enterprise Rent A Car     Equity Bank     Exploration Place     Farmers Insurance Group     Ford Motor Credit     Freedom Peak     Granite City
Grant Thornton     Greenwood County Hospital     H&R Block     Holiday Inn     House of Schwan     Home Bank     IBM     Independent School
Interhab     The Isle Casino     Kansas Heart Hospital     KS Hospital Association     Kansas Orthopaedic Center     KIOGA     Kroger     KUMC
Land O Lakes     Larksfield Place     Lubrication Engineers     Manko Windows     M&M Insurance     Nation Pizza     PHCC     PKM Steel
Plaza Real Estate     Preferred Health Systems     Raytheon     Rolling Hills Country Club     Rusty Eck Ford     Scholfield Auto Group
Sedgwick Plaza     Senior Services     Seward County Community College     Sherwin Williams     Speedy Cash     Sterling College
Sullivan Higdon & Sink     T-Mobile     Tallgrass Country Club     Terradyne Country Club     ThyssenKrupp     Trimac     Unilever
United States Air Force     Valassis     Verizon     Via Christi     Vornado     Washburn University     Wichita State University
Waste Connections     Wichita-area High Schools (all)     Wichita Surgical Specialists     York International     YMCA


Created, Designed and Managed by Amerifun, Wichita, KS.

Copyright 1997-2018,,,
All rights reserved.


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