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NEW: Show Gun Game Show Units (3) (SGS).  Also ask about SGS Compact (table-top units).

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The SGS is a stand-alone unit that is used for scorekeeping or
multiple choice/ true-false game show productions.

*Three or four display digits for scorekeeping
*Scorekeeping is automated for ease of use!
*Play - Lockout, True/False and Multiple Choice
*Connect and control up to 16 Player Positions
*Individual or team play!
*Selectable sound effects for each player
*Built-in audio mixer

Emulate many popular TV Game Shows or Create your own!

Hundred of Applications Including:
*Corporate Events
*Resorts & Hotels
*TV Productions
*Cruise Ships
*Theme Parks

Set-up in Minutes - Very Portable - Easy to Operate

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Master Controller Features:
*Controls from 1 to 16 player positions.
*Play Lockout, Multiple Choice or True/False. The 'GAME SELECT' 
button allows you to easily switch game mode.
*Scorekeeping and mic activation are automatic during normal game 
play. you can also manually turn a player's microphone on or off 
or adjusts a player's score.
*The 'SCORE INCREMENT' buttons allow you to select the point value 
to be added or subtracted from 5 preset values for correct or 
wrong answers. The preset point values can be easily changed.
*The 'CORRECT', 'WRONG' and 'PLAY' buttons are the scoring and 
reset buttons. Pushing one of these buttons will reset the system 
after a player has locked out while in the auto-play mode. The 
'CORRECT' or 'WRONG' buttons automatically increase or decrease 
the player's score by the amount selected in the score increment 
section. The 'PLAY' button resets the system without changing the 
*The sound mixer section has five inputs as follows: Host 
Microphone, Player Microphones, Sound Effects (internal sound 
effects), CD (stereo line input #1), Aux (stereo line input #2). 
The CD input will automatically mute when a player locks out (this 
is very useful if playing Name that Tune).
*There are a total of 36 internal sound effects as follows: 16 for 
player positions, 8 for host sound effects, 4 for game sound 
effects and 8 custom entry sound effects. The custom entry sound 
effects are temporary sound effects recorded from the player mics 
prior to playing a game.
*By accessing the 'MENU' section you can do the following and much 
more: Re-record sound effects, assign different sound effects to 
each player position (a choice of 16 sound effects), change the 
preset points for current and wrong answers, select team play, 
turn the automatic reset or countdown times on/off, and adjust the 
chase rate of the player position lights.
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Player Position Features:
*Each player position features four illuminated push buttons, Six 
inch scorekeeping display, gooseneck microphone, Chasing Light Bar which 
indicates lockout, name placards, interconnect and 
power cables. The player position packs into a 26"X19"X16" foam 
lined road case for transport. A fiberglass ATA type case is 
available as an option.
*The scorekeeping display can have up to three active digits 
allowing scoring up to '9990' in our standard player positions.

Available Options:
Mica Finishes
Cabinet Covers
Custom Facades
Countdown Clocks
Host/Operator Podiums (with or without amplification)
Specialized Custom Functionality

Designed and built in the USA.

New Units Include:
(1) SGS Game Show Controller.
(3) SGS Player Positions with LED Displays in standard road cases with black cabinet carpet.

The Score keeping display has 3 active and 1 passive "0" high visibility LED Display digits.

Each Player position includes:
(1) 18" Gooseneck Microphone.
(1) 15' ComLink Cable (to link to the other units).
(1) Power Cord.
(2) Name Placards with velcro.

Also included with each package:
Owners Manual.
(1)-30' ComLink Cable (to link to the controller).
(1) Set of Erasable Markers (for name placards).

Rental Units Include:
All of the above along with RCA cables to plug into sound system.
Supplemental Power Cords.