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cashier_cage_teller_station_casino_nite_party_amerifun_ps.png (529633 bytes) GREAT NEWS: 15th Anniversary Special: 1997 Rates - Through 08/31/12:
Our competitors copy everything we do but they can't copy this!  To celebrate 15 YEARS in business we will include our original 1997 rates on all proposals for events reserved and held through 08/31/2012.

On another note:  If you're going to hire a casino provider you should get all the extras!
CASINO CASHIER CAGE only available from AmeriFUN.
8' version pictured left.  Also shortens to 6' two-window version.
This unit is a MUST-HAVE for any Casino Themed Party or Casino Night.
We base the cage size on event size - 4', 6' & 8' sizes available, banquet table required.

Our Specialties Are: Casino Nights - Game Shows - Prop Fabrication (WE CAN FABRICATE ALMOST ANY DECORATION OR ELEMENT).

Offering Quantity, Quality and Creativity.

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We offer a Proven System.

We offer a trouble-free format for the strategy of your casino gaming that comes from long-established techniques that have been tested and enhanced over the last 13+ years.

With Amerifun, you will receive a well-organized casino party with no guest confusion.

  • Easy Funds Distribution and Redemption

  • Simple Prize Facilitation Methods

  • Cashier Carts with Free Tellers

Fun is our middle name and the essence of our business, but our format is the core of our service.


Voucher_pic_PShop.png (156593 bytes)

We ensure clear and logical procedures for your guests to buy-in or Cash-out with no uncertainty.

Our free 'Player Vouchers' offer you the means to effortlessly distribute funds to your guests beforehand.
Your guests then take the voucher to a Cashier and receive their fun money.
Just like in a casino, players buy chips at the table and carry them around (all chips must be returned).
As a convenience to guests, evening-end Chip Redemption can also be handled right at the table.  This saves guests from having to wait in a long line.  The Cashier is also available to your guests anytime throughout the event to redeems funds.


Complimentary Cashier Carts on wheels included to optimize your initial funds distribution, guest service and evening-end chip redemption.  Streamlines your smooth-running casino.  We also provide Free Tellers (1 per 100 people) at no additional cost when we are providing at least 5 games with dealers for your event.  Additional staff members are also available by request.

Our Tellers will coordinate Initial Funds Distribution as well as Evening-end Redemption.
Bonus:  Our tellers can also assist you distribute or redeem funds if specific direction is required such as:

  • Using your Spreadsheet to verify guest admission,

  • Receive Donations,

  • Facilitate your Point of Sale Items,

  • Coordinate Variable Amounts per person.

NEW: Our new Cashier Cage is complete.  Will still strive to offer the most Las Vegas-like experience since '97.
BELOW: Our new casino-style cashier cage is very versatile.  Use as the full 8' version or convert to a two-window 6' version. Bonus: If space is limited, this cage also converts to a small one-window cage that fits on a 4' banquet table or small round table (smaller "cashier" sign included with 4' version).

cashier_cage_teller_station_casino_nite_party_amerifun_ps.png (529633 bytes)



Time-tested and Refined.  Not only do we make it easy for your guests to receive their prize opportunities but our methods are common prize methods so guests are probably already familiar with them.

Based on the method you choose, we will include the prize tools right at the tables.  This practice saves guests from having to wait in line at a central location by allowing them to cash-out with their dealer OR with the cashier anytime throughout the event.  Prize Methods Main Page.



This section IS MONEY RELATED!  Guests will win plenty of it AND you get the best rates in town!

Our competitors haven't copied this yet because we have not been doing it that long but the customers sure love it... we do "walk-arounds" (or provide a dealer "jokebox") with trivia questions to win more money.

Here's how it works:
First:  We have a collection of crafty mystery objects... but we like to single-out the "lucky recipient" by gender.  For example, you would be amazed how many gals don't know what a cigar cutter is and how many gents don't know what a cuticle remover is!
Second:  In addition to the mystery objects, we offer pre-printed trivia questions.  Categories include: Trick Questions, Funny Facts, Local/State Trivia, History, Movies and more.  Payout determined by difficulty but guest usually will pocket Five Grand a pop!

See a full listing of our mystery objects and trivia cards on our members page.

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Our Chips / Cheques / Poker Chips are the very best in the industry and by far the highest quality available in Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest or the Nation.
REAL CASINO CHIPS (not a sales pitch).
We use the good ones (no one else does)!
Featuring true inlay - not a sticker or decal.
All cheques have denominations on the chip!

AmeriFUN~ is a purveyor of Stylish Casino Party Entertainment and Casino Equipment Rentals
and the Home of the fabulous Pair A Dice Fantasy Casino.

Partial National and Wichita-area Client List:

Allstate     Alltel     American Family Insurance     American Cancer Society     American Heart Association     American Red Cross
AmerisourceBergen     Auto World     Aventis Pharmaceuticals     Barton Solvents     Boeing     Butler County Community College     Cargill
CASA     Case & Associates     Cessna     Cox Communications     Culligan     Dillard's     Discovery Channel     Dubuque CVB
Enterprise Rent A Car     Equity Bank     Exploration Place     Farmers Insurance Group     Ford Motor Credit     Grant Thornton     H&R Block
Holiday Inn     Home Bank     IBM     Independent School     Interhab     The Isle Casino     Kansas Heart Hospital
Kansas Orthopaedic Center     Kroger     Land O Lakes     Larksfield Place     Lubrication Engineers     M&M Insurance
Nation Pizza     PHCC     PKM Steel     Plaza Real Estate     Preferred Health Systems     Raytheon     Rolling Hills Country Club     Rusty Eck Ford
Scholfield Auto Group     Sedgwick Plaza     Senior Services     Seward County Community College     Sherwin Williams     Speedy Cash
Sullivan Higdon & Sink     T-Mobile     Tallgrass Country Club     Terradyne Country Club     Unilever     United States Air Force     Valassis
Verizon     Via Christi     Washburn University     Wichita State University     Waste Connections     Wichita High School East, South, Northwest
Wichita Surgical Specialists     York International     YMCA


Created, Designed and Managed by Amerifun, Wichita, KS.

Copyright 1997-2010
All rights reserved.


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A HIGH-ENERGY Entertaining CASINO NIGHT from Amerifun is the perfect ice-breaker for Graduations, Reunions, Retirement Parties or Gatherings. Also a fun entertainment solution for Birthdays or Get-togethers.  The ideal activity for Employee or Client Appreciation, Trade Show Mixing, Corporate Parties, Holiday Events and Christmas Parties. Also a must-have for Fundraisers and Charitable Events.