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Our Specialties Are:
Casino Nights / Casino Parties
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"One of the best parties we ever had"
- Slawson Companies, December 2014

"We will be booking again.."
- CASA of SG County
, April 2014

"Way better than the other company"
- Wichita Collegiate
, April 2014

"By far the best"
- Hotel Old Town
, January 2013

"So much more helpful"
- McPherson College
, January 2013

"We had a wonderful time"
- Wichita Surgical Specialists
, Dec 2013

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Exclusive Benefits:

Massive 10' Roulette w/ 32" Casino Wheel     Colossal 14' Craps     Mammoth 8' Poker
All standard casino games and many more to choose.

Real Chips, Real Layouts, Games with Flair.  We strive to bring you high-quality and good-looking equipment.

Cashier Cages, Casino Sign, Red Carpet & Stanchions, Trees w/ Lighting, Metallic Wall Dressings, Faux Chandeliers

#1 Form of Corporate Entertainment!

Offering strategic recommendations, turnkey rentals, expert placement, fast set-up & tear-down and event-seasoned staff.

  Request a Proposal - Only Amerifun delivers a detailed quote with images and line by line costs.  We also will recommend the proper sized games for your sized group.  We will create a custom proposal based on your requests and guest total, that will yield the ideal number of player gaming spots.  Experience first-hand why Amerifun is your BEST BET for casino night games & rentals.

...And Even More Benefits

>Free Play Money
>Funds Distribution
>Plentiful Chip Inventory
>Fun Rules
>Prize Aides
>Funds Redemption
>Prize Facilitation
Quality & Creativity in
every game

Mobile Entertainment Specialists

Gaming Tables & Poker Rentals

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Delivering plentiful pro equipment with styled, well-organized casino party entertainment.



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Please Note: Any legal information provided is for informational purposes only.  Our specialty is party rentals, not law interpretation.
Please consult counsel for personalized legal advice.

Also please remember: Donation amount can be suggested to guests but it is illegal to require donations from guests to play game of chance.

How to Coordinate a Casino Night Party
Charity Fundraiser.






    (as applicable)








There is no sales pitch here, this is a simple issue: There are many people out there who are in need.  Furthermore, charities set-up to help those folks are in need themselves!

So why not make it a PARTY?!

We bring human beings together to turn that fundraiser into a FUN raiser!

An Amerifun casino party is a Fundraising Humdinger.
Hire us to coordinate your charitable casino party fundraiser and
enjoy these added benefits:

  • Upscale Gaming Equipment.

  • Discounted Rates available for your 501c3 charity.

  • Promotion Assistance.

  • Highest Revenue Potential as compared to other fundraising providers.

If you are considering a casino night for your fundraising project look to Amerifun for fanciful equipment, exclusive benefits and over a decade of expertise.  Please feel free to use this informative page as an added resource to help initially stage your fundraising casino event.

CR14_dealer_side_PS.png (961467 bytes) Dress up your next casino night fundraiser with Amerifun.  We offer a well-seasoned production with premium equipment and high-quality chips with denominations.

Provide your guests with the gaming that they expect, the chips they will appreciate and the dealers to help make your fantasy casino fundraiser an extraordinary experience.

We use genuine Chipco professional gaming cheques (chips).

With the Pair A Dice Fantasy Casino

Everyone Can Have a Little Paradise...

...and Everyone is a Winner!

Why a Casino Party works:

While there can often be a shortage of funds, there is no shortage of charities struggling to meet the demand for assistance.  Whether you are a social organization representative, or just someone who holds a soft spot in your heart for, or feels a connection to a particular charity or cause, congratulations on taking a look at a festive casino party as a way to raise funding dollars.  A casino party fundraiser is at the top of ways to raise the most possible revenue.  You give guests two things: a chance to lend a helping hand and a reason to have fun - at the same time.

And when folks show up, they are coming to play!  They can win big prizes as well as get that that warm feeling inside that comes from helping someone.  Human beings have opened their hearts, and their wallets, to others who are less fortunate time and time again.

We take pride in helping people help others.

When you hire Amerifun, you hire a Party!

Promote Contributors while increasing revenue TIP from UNCLE FUN:
"Promote your Contributors while increasing revenue":

If you are seeking donations and sponsors in advance of your fundraising event, consider offering potential contributors the opportunity to underwrite a particular aspect of the event (in addition to any opportunities that you may offer such as cash or merchandise donations) and put their name in print for all guests to see (in relation to the value of the donation) on t-shirts, flyers, mailers, banners or table signs.

For example:  Consider offering potential contributors the opportunity to sponsor a particular game in the casino and then place their name on the table limit sign.

For the discerning client:  We offer custom 'digital synthetic' professional gaming layouts, these are the newest thing in the gaming industry in over 50 years.  Virtually any image can be "printed" on the cloth in any color.  Offer large contributors a custom gaming table with their name for all playing that game to see and then they can keep it as a souvenir or offer as a prize!  Custom tables typically start around $500 + cloth (from $200).  We also offer "gaming table rentals" for temporary use of your cloth for $75 (includes labor).

Offer Volunteer Opportunities
"Offer Volunteer Opportunities"

In addition to any opportunities that you offer to underwrite particular aspects of your event, consider offering potential contributors the chance to sponsor parts of the
Staffing Needs!

For example: You may already be offering contributors opportunities to sponsor individual games in your casino... Consider offering them the chance to sponsor the staff.
Sponsors could contribute the cost of the dealer ...or... Contribute the cost by being the dealer.  Not only will this end your seach for volunteer dealers but it will save you on the cost of the casino game as well.

You could also take this a step further and offer potential contributors the chance to contribute even more by underwriting the cost of the dealer AND being a dealer - this will raise even more funds for your cause while still giving the sponsor some excitement from the other side of the table.

What to expect from Amerifun:

If you have ever thrown a party then you can throw a charitable fundraiser event.  We will be with you at every stage and will work hard to ensure that your event is a well-planned success.

We offer many free and optional benefits for your fundraiser that help increase revenue:

  • FREE PROMOTIONAL FLYER (a $50 value).  With your input, we will design and create for you a free promotional flyer to help advertise your event.  An attractive promotional flyer will create excitement among potential contributors.  And be sure to hire a company with first-rate equipment - stylish equipment will increase attendance thus increasing revenue!
    BONUS: To make your campaign that much easier, we will provide you with a cop of your flyer pasted into your e-mailbox so that you can easily send it to potential contributors without having to attach a file.  

  • DONATION OPTIONS.  TIP: Compile your guest list vigilantly.  Are you wondering how much you should ask guests to donate?  A good common amount is a $20 cash donation receives $1000 in fun money... or $100 receives $5000 in fun money (you could also offer $7,500 for that $100 cash).  Please look over our newly updated Donation Options page where you can create your own donation schedule or we can help you choose the option that is best.  TIP: Remember Minimum and Maximum Bets.  Your table limits WILL INFLUENCE how often guests return to donate again.

  • DONATION AMOUNT SIGNS.  No need to worry about producing a chart to let guests know how much they can donate - we provide these for you at no charge!

  • FREE FUN MONEY in black & white copies always included.  If you would like to personalize your event, we can also provide you with black & white on colored paper or brilliant full color money in a variety of paper types, please see our Event Toolbox.  And the money is yours to keep!

  • One of Four PRIZE DISTRIBUTION METHODS  to choose from including free facilitation for parties under 100.  In addition we will also provide cashier carts at no extra charge.  Prize Methods (newly updated)

  • ADDED SECURITY.  Our authentic professional custom gaming cheques (chips) provide added security for your fundraiser in that there are no others like them in circulation anywhere.  Our chips are not available in stores-we use only genuine Paulson and Chipco chips, the exclusive supplier to 100% of mainstream casinos.  ALL OUR CHEQUES ALSO HAVE DENOMINATIONS ON THEM.

    ADDITIONAL TIPS: We will drag a percentage of Poker Pots and pot games for house (same as casinos do).
      Also remember to consider the table limits:  We offer $25 min. and $1,000 max bet by default but you can specify other amounts.  Be sure to consider
      a higher minimum bet as well as a higher maximum bet.  We recommend considering $25-$100 min. bets and "no limit" for max bets.  

  • ADDED REVENUE.  Aside from stylish equipment, flexible table limits and many free extras, we instruct our dealers to rake from all pot games so that your organization can earn money from specific tables.  In addition, we adhere to 'By-the-Book' odds and rules for your fundraiser with only the limited bonuses found in casinos.  Also rely on Amerifun to recommend the right minimum and maximum bets.

  • Free ON-SITE EVALUATION of your party facility and FREE FLOORPLAN.  As always, we will work hand in hand on logistical issues with your facility contact- so you don't have to!

  • GREAT ADVICE while planning your event every step of the way!

  • EXPERIENCED EVENT PLANNING.  Wash your hands of the workload!  We can plan all or part of your next event.


Optional Services:

  • Invitations and Programs.

  • Custom Wall Banners.

  • Custom Funny Money.

  • Promotional Merchandise.

  • Event Management.

  • Promotional Web Site Design.


Legalities of Casino Night Fundraisers:

Casino Night Legalities

Even if you have never had a fancy for the idea, a Casino Party Fundraiser is a spectacular charity event.  Over the years we have discovered that people are usually uninformed about the legality of such events.

We have spent years researching the issue.  Current Kansas Statutes are available upon request: K.S.A. 21-4302 and 21-4303 defines Gambling, 21-4304 and 21-4305 has to do with Commercial Gambling and 21-4306, 07 and 08 relate to Gambling Devices.

Gambling is illegal in Kansas except for Licensed Bingo, Pari-Mutuel Racing, Tribal Gaming and The Kansas Lottery.  With any of Pair-A-Dice’s casino-theme parties no gambling is ever allowed or condoned.  We encourage people to live out their gaming fantasies at one of many legal gaming venues.

Legal Definitions in part: Gambling KSA 21-4302

(a) “Bet” means a bargain in which the parties agree that, dependent upon chance, one stands to win or lose something of value specified in the agreement.
(b) “Lottery” means an enterprise wherein for a consideration the participants are given an opportunity to win a prize, the award of which is determined by chance.
(c) “Consideration” means anything which is a commercial or financial advantage to the promoter or a disadvantage to any participant.

District Attorney’s Definition:

Las Vegas or Casino Nights constitute a "lottery" that is specifically prohibited by the state's gambling law. A lottery is defined enterprise wherein for consideration the participants are given an opportunity to win a prize, the award of which is determined by chance.” Consideration is the payment by a person of money or anything of value.

The three elements of a Lottery are Prize, Chance and Consideration. Remove any one of those elements and there is no lottery.

A guide to organizations interested in fund raising activities to comply with Kansas law:
All promotional materials, tickets, signs and advertisements should bear a statement that all contributions are strictly voluntary.
Amounts of voluntary contribution may be suggested, however, under Kansas law it is illegal to require a person make a specific donation or contribution in order to participate in a Las Vegas or Casino Night.
Individuals are under no obligation to make a contribution and may not be barred from participation if they choose not to make any donation.

It is illegal to require any person to make a donation or contribution in order to gain admittance to "casino night" to play the games.


If an individual chooses not to donate:

  • He or she must not be ridiculed.

  • He or she must be given a reasonable amount of “play money”, in accordance with that of other guests, but not an excessive amount.

  • He or she does not have to be provided with meal and/ or beverages, etc. at no cost, but does have to be admitted to games of chance at no cost.


If you charge an admittance fee, let your guests know that the fee is for their dinner, beverages or other entertainment.  The casino games are essentially free, or by donation.


Compile your guest list carefully. Your guests will be more quick to donate to a cause that they feel a personal connection to. Be careful of large public events that are mass marketed. The amount of funds raised may fluctuate.

A Lottery is made up of three essential elements: Chance, Consideration and Prize.

If you remove one of these elements of gambling, there is no gambling.

Chance: A casino party is made up of games of chance exclusively.

Consideration: At every casino party we have ever done there have been prizes, however no player has ever been required to pay money to win them. If any guest had ever been required to pay money to play games of chance to win a prize there would have been consideration, and that would have been gambling. We remove the consideration every time! As another example, we often coordinate an event at a public club. In this instance, we remove the prize. Guests pay to play but just for fun, to try their luck, there is no prize to be won.

With Charitable Fundraisers there is a twist: People pay money to play, there are games of chance and there are prizes.

With our charitable fundraising events we remove the consideration as well. Consideration is the payment by a person of money or anything of value for participation in a game of chance to win a prize. Individuals must never be required to donate to the charity, this would constitute gambling, there is no exception in the law-not even for charitable or non-profit organizations.

The number one question asked by our clients is:  "Can we charge (a designated amount) for the evening package which includes dinner, drinks, other entertainment AND a stack of 'fun money'?  The answer to this in short is no.

Simply put, this would be gambling.  Law enforcement organizations do not "look the other way" when it comes to gambling for charity.

You would word it like this:  "Your admission package includes dinner, drinks and entertainment. Casino Games are also available for a suggested donation."

If you bet a penny to win a dollar - it is still gambling.

So you might wonder “Will I be able to raise the money for my charity”?

Figure how much you want to raise and how many people will attend.  We have a simple formula to help you determine suggested donation amounts, choose from several options.

It is also a good idea to choose a legitimate, well recognized, worthwhile organization as the beneficiary of your fundraising event.  Those who attend your event will not mind donating to such a worthy cause.

Wichita Charities.  Also visit

If someone does not wish to donate, they must still be given equal opportunity to win any prizes.  It is recommended that they receive a reasonable amount of “fun money”, proportionate to others at the event, for the duration of the party and be subject to no ridicule.

An Assistant DA gave us this scenario:

If a vice officer showed up at a private event and sought participation in the games of chance for free, he should be admitted. If there was any door charge that included, say a dinner and the games, you do not have to provide the dinner, but you do have to provide him a chance to win any prizes, which would be a stack of 'fun money' or chips to admit him to the games.

We sincerely hope that your event will raise needed funds and we expect that it will. People love the thrill of winning, and seeing others win too.


Call us anytime at (316) 821-0202 to book your Charity 'Fun-Raiser' CASINO PARTY!

How to get started:

(If you are not a charity representative we will help you select a charity that suits your conscience and your situation. We will work hand in hand with that organization.)

Select a cause, set an initial budget for non donated items and select a date and time for your event. Call us at 821-0202 to check availability for your event. Ask us about banquet facilities, catering and decorations as well as over 80 other forms of entertainment- There are some undeniable “Crowd Drawing” activities available. In addition, ANY or all forms of entertainment that you select CAN be coordinated as a “WAGER PACKAGE”- We will create the perfect wagers and incorporate them into your casino!


The ultimate success of your event will be measured from your guest’s initial excitement. How big do you want your event to be?

Be sure to select a party facility that can hold the number of guests that you expect to attend.  Make sure there is enough room for entertainment, tables and all the guests. Be sure to choose a facility that offers the amenities that you require, such as catering. If your facility does not offer catering, make sure that you include this in your planning. You can make the food yourself, have guests bring a dish or hire a caterer. From the start or along the way, if you are ever pressed for time- Relax then Rest Easy and put us on the job!

  At Amerifun, we will do it All!

Consider advertising for your event. If you desire TV, many local stations can produce a commercial for you and air it several times for under $500.  You can also get a copy from them for distribution to other TV stations. You can also seek out a Production Company or a College TV Station to produce your commercial and then you can hand-carry the copy(s) to your chosen TV stations. With Radio there are no production costs and you can air your message for under $100. You can also run an announcement in a local newspaper or publication. Furthermore don’t forget promotional items such as personalized merchandise, signage and T-shirts. Look to Amerifun for great product promotion ideas.

You will also want to comprise an invitation mailing list of potential guests. Ask us about Custom Printing or Delivery Services.

Most importantly, you need Prizes. If prizes are not in your budget, compile a list of potential prize contributors. Use your creativity and professional contacts to call on organizations and individuals to donate items that you will use as prizes. Be sure to ask us about our Prize Services. Prizes will add to the excitement and give guests incentive to donate more!

Now let's raise some funds!

'In a Nutshell':

We will handle your 'Fun Money' Needs:

  • We can arrange to deliver your 'fun money' before the event if you would like to break it down into stacks or envelopes.


  • We can assign our Teller to distribute funds according to a procedure that you specify.


  • We can sell your 'funny money' for you if you like although actual cash transactions are best left to a member of your staff.  We can complete your station with a Cashier Cart and a lots of funny money


  • We can also provide you with pre-printed vouchers (their ticket to the casino) if all receive the same amount of funds.


  • Efficient, effortless Initial Funds Distribution. As guests enter they will receive their chance to donate (unless you distributed funds beforehand). Guests then enter the gaming area and purchase their chips with their 'fun money'.


At the end of the evening:

  • Guests redeem their Chips and leftover fun money to their dealer or cashier for prize opportunities.


PDetailed Event Checklist:

2 Months Before the Party:
P Set a budget. 
P Choose a legitimate foundation as the beneficiary.
P Choose a date and times for your event. 
P Contact us to check availability for your event and ask about all available entertainment for your date. We offer over 80 different forms of entertainment and any or all can be incorporated into your casino.
P Ask us about venue assistance or catering options.
P Ask us about promotion ideas or use your own.  make an invitation mailing list.
P List prize ideas and contributors, ask us about prize solicitation services.
P Look to Amerifun for theme props and decorations including flowers, balloons, party rentals, party supplies as well as additional services such as photographers or limousine rentals.
P Order Supplies, Tableware, Linens, and Centerpieces. Select Menu and Drinks. 
P Order Invitations.  Contact us for you complimentary flyer custom designed for your charitable event- A $50 Value- free with your order!

1 Month Before the Party: 
P Ask us about promotion ideas such as personalized merchandise and signage. 
P Solicit donated prizes in the name of your charity.
P Mail out invitations, ask guests to RSVP.
P Plan other activities and door prizes.

2 Weeks Before the Party:
P Pick up any party supplies and decorations that you arranged for yourself.
P Order cake and food that you will not prepare yourself.  Prepare and freeze food that you will make yourself.

1 Week Before the Party:
P Contact any guests who have not yet confirmed.
P Re-confirm all your orders.
P Check batteries and film in camera and camcorders.

2-3 Days Before the Party:
P Buy any remaining food items or supplies.

1 Day Before the Party:
P Pick up or receive special orders.
P Begin to decorate the party area.
P Pick up cake and ordered foods.
P Prepare food that can be made ahead of time.

The Day of the Party:
P Prepare food and beverages that could not be made ahead of time.
P Decorate outside party area(s) including Balloons.
P Enjoy your party and congratulate yourself on a well planned event!

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Our Chips / Cheques / Poker Chips are the very best in the industry and by far the highest quality available in Wichita, Kansas, the Midwest or the Nation.
REAL CASINO CHIPS (not a sales pitch).
We use the good ones (no one else does)!
Featuring true inlay - not a sticker or decal.
All cheques have denominations on the chip!

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