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 AmeriFUN -  Est. 1997 

Our Specialties Are:
Casino Nights / Casino Parties
TV-style Game Shows  
Decoration & Prop Fabrication

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"One of the best parties we ever had"
- Slawson Companies

"We will be booking again.."
- CASA of SG County
pril 2014

"Way better than the other company"
- Wichita Collegiate

"By far the best"
- Hotel Old Town
anuary 2013

"So much more helpful"
- McPherson College

"We had a wonderful time"
- Wichita Surgical Specialists

"You guys are the premier in town"
- Abode Venue

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Assortment of party videos:

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Extra Large 8' POKER, 10' ROULETTE and 14' CRAPS;  All standard casino games and many more to choose.

  • Real Chips, Real Layouts, Games with Flair.  We strive to bring you high-quality and good-looking equipment.

  • #1 Form of Corporate Entertainment!

  • Strategic Recommendations, Turnkey Rentals, Expert Placement, Fast Set-up & Tear-down and Lively Event-seasoned Staff.

  Request a Proposal - Only Amerifun delivers a detailed quote with images and line by line costs.  We also will recommend the proper sized games for your sized group.  We will create a custom proposal based on your requests and guest total, that will yield the ideal number of player gaming spots.  Experience first-hand why Amerifun is your BEST BET for casino night games & rentals.

Email Us     (316) 755-6303 Call or Text.

...And Even More Benefits

>Free Play Money
>Funds Distribution
>Plentiful Chip Inventory
>Fun Rules
>Prize Aides
>Funds Redemption
>Prize Facilitation
Quality & Creativity in
every game

Mobile Entertainment Specialists

Gaming Tables & Poker Rentals

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Delivering plentiful pro equipment with styled, well-organized casino party entertainment.

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Casino Parties
Game Shows
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Decorating & Theme Design
Venues & Banquet Facilities
Catering & Party Rentals
Other Entertainment
Event Tools
Team Building
About Us
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Holidays and Notable Dates

Cheap Blackjacks!
Now anyone can host a casino night.
SPECIAL $169 w/ shipping

6'X3' with folding legs
Cheap_Blackjack_Table_Wichita_Casino_Party_Supplies_Amerifun_ps.png (608007 bytes)
Premium Poker
Table Top
MSRP $99.  Elsewhere for $69..
SPECIAL $55 w/ case
19 lbs..  Suited Cloth
Open: 31.5" x 63" x .625".
Closed: 15.75" x 32" x 3".
Coffee_Table-Poker-Table-Top-Premium-Suited-Cloth-Amerifun-ps.png (906166 bytes)

Slot Machine Bank
Replica Slot Machine Bank.
With Sounds.
MSRP $259 SPECIAL $199.
Manual Coin Release.
Slot_Bank_TC_PS.png (879095 bytes)
9" x 14" x 24.5" TALL.


Custom Made

Custom Projects and Themes.

Event Design & Decorating.

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Theme Design Info.

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Unique opportunities available!

Vendors    Employment

VENDORS (potential Staff Members please scroll down)

Dear Potential Vendor,
thank you for your interest!

A Vendor is a company or individual that provides us a product or service for our client.  Our vendors are made up of Artists and Designers, Caterers, Drivers, Photographers, Entertainers, Presenters, Electronics or A/V Specialists, DJ's or anyone who provides us a service.

Our goal is to accommodate whatever the client's needs while bringing you additional business.  We strive to offer the client the widest range of services to compliment their event.

And we don't necessarily need a discount either!  Our casino clients are given free event management with their casino night so as a courtesy we will book their service with you and not up-charge them.  If a client is hiring us to only manage their event, then there is also not an up-charge per say, we only charge them a fee of 20% of overall budget for the services provided.

The client knows the real cost and benefits from a turn-key event; You get more business without having to discount (be we hope you will if we keep you busy!!); And we make a deal too... everyone wins!

The only thing we ask is that you omit your own advertising signage.

Maximize your advertising potential.  We had said that we won't ask you for a discount and we do not require one.  If we do good for you though and you want to offer us a discount, all the better!  Here's how it works: We offer 'OPEN' or 'PRIVATE' vendorships.  Open vendors benefit from many exclusive advertising opportunities.  Private vendors' company name is not revealed.

As mentioned, we may not up-charge the client and typically just manage their event as a courtesy.  Any discount that you offer us allows us to indeed earn some revenue for our efforts but it is not a problem if we don't.  We just want the client to get everything they wanted.

Since we do not up-charge the client, we prefer to offer them your services at your normal regular rate.  This keeps us from competing.  And don't worry about us trying to backsell and come in slightly lower than you to win any exclusive contacts.  We are more concerned with ongoing working relationships than making a fast buck!

Please Contact Us for more information.


We will never recommend or offer any service to our valued clients without knowing exactly what our vendor's service or act(s) will entail.  

Some of the things that we are looking for in our vendors:

  • Courteous and Professional Attitude

  • Proven Record of Service with References

  • Clean Family Entertaining

  • Stylish Business Approach

  • Quality Equipment

Please Contact Us by email and tell us about yourself.  Some of the things that you could tell us would be:

  • If needed, can you work for, and with, different large groups of people in different settings?
  • Do you operate on a weekend or seasonal basis or year-round?
  • Can you travel out of state for an event?  What are your travel requirements?
  • What are your rates?  
  • What is your specialty or primary skill?

Staff Members/ Dealers:

Dear Potential Staff Member,
thank you for your interest in joining us!

Our goal is to accommodate whatever the client's needs while offering you additional income in a fun environment.  We strive to offer the client the widest range of services to compliment their event, so this would involve a wide variety of potential duties.

A Staff Member is typically a DEALER for our Casino Parties but can also include:

  • Salespeople: Leads provided, generous commission package.
  • Live Entertainers and Presenters
  • Designers and Artists
  • Attendants, Assistants, Couriers, Games Dealers

DEALERS PLEASE READ THIS: We start out all new dealers at $15 per hour after you have successfully completed training.  This can quickly become $20 per hour when you become an intermediate dealer but if you have experience you can start out as an intermediate dealer.  Other tiers of pay include more per hour.  Please ask us for details and see the table below for more information.

Our events are at least 3 hours.  If the event runs less than 3 hours, you will still be paid for 3.

Often, many staff members do become vendors.  This will mean a more premium rate for your services.  Please let us know if you have any special talents or if you want us to help you create one!  If you do have special talents, we may be able to incorporate them into an assignment immediately.

We require that our staff members adhere to the same guidelines as our vendors.

  • Courteous and Professional Attitude, Refined Appearance

  • Employment References

  • Clean Family and Corporate Entertainer

  • Stylish Approach, ability to build rapport quickly with the client

  New Trainee
before training
New Dealer
with no experience but some training or OJT
Intermediate Dealer
with experience or

Intermediate Laborer
with experience

Advanced Dealer
with advanced skills
Veteran Dealer
with advanced skills and extensive knowledge
Expert Dealer/ Instructor
with advanced skills, extensive knowledge and always available
Vendor Dealer
if the client hires us to provide a performer or another service which you execute while dealing
estimated, depends on market
Pay $10/ hr. $15/ hr. $20/ hr. $23/ hr. $25/ hr. $26/ hr.    
      $60 minimum $70 minimum $75 minimum $80 minimum    
Initial Dealer Training is made up of paid on-the-job training AND unpaid sessions.


Please Email Us and tell us about yourself.

  • Can you work for, and with, different large groups of people in different settings?  Do you have good people skills?
  • Are you available weekends?
  • Can you travel out of state for up to a week if your job requires it?  What are your travel requirements?
  • What are your salary or hourly requirements?  
  • What is your specialty or primary skill?
  • Have you ever worked in the Hospitality, Professional Gaming or the Entertainment industry?
  • What can you lend to our organization as a Salesperson (as applicable)?